Women have abdominal pain, infertility, discomfort?Doctor’s reminder: It may be that the endometrium will be different

Menstruation is no stranger to every woman. The emergence of menstruation is actually caused by endometrial endometrium. Therefore, the health of the endometrium is very important. Without it, it has no menstruation.Membranes can cause lesions, such as endometriosis.

So, what kind of symptoms will occur when suffering from endometriosis?

Lower abdominal pain and dysmenorrhea, infertility, discomfort, ovarian function is damaged.

When the endometrium disease, it may affect the pelvic tissue and other appendix organs, such as ovarian, rectal, and other parts. It may also spread to abnormal abnormalities such as abdominal thoracic cavity and body limbs.

In the effects of endometriosis, abdominal pain and dysmenorrhea are typical symptoms of endometriosis. They can be divided into secondary pain or performed pain.In the middle, the thighs of the perineum occasionally have symptoms of pain. This pain will slowly increase as menstruation. Therefore, treatment should be treated as soon as possible.

After some women have endometriosis, they will feel uncomfortable during the life of husband and wife. This is due to the collision of the endometrium during sexual life, which causes pain.Menstruation has sex pain, and patients should actively treat.

In addition, female infertility is directly related to endometriosis.

According to clinical shows, when women suffer from endometriosis, the chance of infertility is about 40%.With endometriosis and poor physical resistance, uterine endometrial antibodies will occur, which will affect normal metabolism.The uterus and ovaries will be affected, and the ovaries cannot be abnormal when ovulation, and women cannot get pregnant normally.

(1) When the ectopic symptoms of the uterine endometrium are mild, you can temporarily observe regular follow -up without too much treatment.Pregnancy is generally encouraged to be pregnant, because many patients often disappear after pregnancy, and the relevant symptoms of endometriosis will disappear, thereby achieving the effect of self -healing.

(2) It affects the pregnancy of endometriosis, and the disease has a great relationship with hormone. Therefore, most of them will be treated with hormones.

(3) For patients with invalid hormone treatment or severe condition, surgical treatment is recommended.

All in all, in terms of treatment, the treatment method needs to be selected according to the actual situation of the patient, so as to better restore the condition to normal.

Finally, the typical symptoms of endometriosis, as well as its corresponding methods and other physical impacts, I believe everyone has a certain understanding. Therefore, it is recommended that female friends in daily life must do a good job of gynecological diseases in gynecological diseases in daily life.Prevention work to avoid harm to the body.”Her Healthy House Happy “” Health “” Female Health “” uterine endometriosis”

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