Women have these three feelings, maybe the ovulation period is coming, and it is not too late to want to "make people".

For women with a maternity plan, we should do a good job of pregnancy in advance. Of course, preparation for pregnancy is a matter of husband and wife. Male and women must maintain good living habits.substantial improvement.Some people prepare for a long time of pregnancy, and they have not received good news, mainly because they have not grasped the female ovulation period.

What feelings do women feel, indicating that the ovulation is about to come?

When the ovulation period, there are eggs excreted, and the same room is reasonable. The two sides of the two sides also remain healthy. Male sperm and female eggs are combined to form fertilized eggs. The chance of successful conception is much higher than other times. Therefore, many people will understand their ovulation period.When is it to improve the chance of conception.

In the ovulation period, the body will feel, and women should pay more attention, such as the increase in vaginal secretions.The emergence of leucorrhea can understand the health according to its changes. Normal leucorrhea is egg white, transparent, and easy to draw. When the hormone secretion is changed during ovulation, the amount of estrogen secrete is large, and the secretion of hormones will increase.

Take off your clothes while taking a bath, you will find that there are more secretions on the underwear than usual. This situation is normal. As long as there is no special smell produce or color change, you don’t need to worry.

Pay close attention to your temperature changes when you are close to the ovulation period, and you can also determine whether to enter the ovulation period.Women’s body temperature is higher than usual during ovulation, and usually changes with 1 degree Celsius, but it is difficult to find in time with self -feelings. Therefore, when you get up every day, you can measure your basic body temperature and record it in detail.

If you find that your body temperature is slightly higher than usual one day, it is likely to enter the ovulation period. At this time, hormone secretion of the body changes, and the body temperature also changes slightly.If you can seize this important time to go to the same room, the chance of conception will increase.

For women who are more sensitive to the body, some small signals during ovulation can be detected, and some women will feel their little abdomen slightly pain.

Although this kind of pain is not obvious, some people can detect ovulation pain and will happen about seven days after menstruation. If you just happen to be slightly abdomen at this time, not the pain, barcreato, twistedness, and colic of the disease.Continuous pain may be the ovulation period.

What are the signals during ovulation clearly and seize the same room in the same room. The chance of pregnancy has been greatly improved. Of course, your own health status also affects fertility. You should maintain a good mentality during pregnancy.You can’t be sloppy in diet. You should pay attention to supplementation of nutrients. Both men and women must quit smoking and drinking.

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