Women should not take contraceptives often, be careful to cause ectopic pregnancy

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Women cannot frequently take contraceptives, and they are prone to infertility for a long time. Even if pregnancy is successful, the possibility of foreign pregnancy is high.Ectopic pregnancy has a great impact on the fetus and pregnant women, and the chance of continuing pregnancy is small, so you must pay attention before pregnancy.

1. [Case:] Disadbusted contraceptives or incidental pregnancy

"Disadvisive contraceptives are indeed possible to occur." Bai Hua, director of the gynecological department of Guangxi Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that this has to start with the mechanism of ectopic pregnancy.At the time of conception, the normal fertilized part of the fertilized egg is the fallopian tube.When sperm and eggs meet, they will walk along the fallopian tube to the uterus and slowly grow in the uterine cavity. This is the normal pregnancy process.However, if the fertilized egg is not the end of the uterus, it is outside the uterus, which will cause ectopic pregnancy.

Bai Hua believes that there is currently no evidence of epidemiological survey of large samples in medicine that contraceptives can lead to ectopic pregnancy.However, from the current clinical, some patients do have ectopic pregnancy after taking contraceptives. "In private, doctors will think that contraceptives will increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy."

In fact, this is determined by the pharmacological effect of contraceptives that can be contraceptive: on the one hand, contraceptives contain 2 types of hormones, estrogen and progesterone. If they are used at the same time, it will increase the viscosity of cervical mucus, form mucus acid, prevent or reduce or reduce itSperm penetration enters the combination of uterine cavity and eggs; the second is that contraceptives change the intrauterine environment and thinner the endometrium; the third is to affect the movement of the fallopian tube mucosa.

"So why can the fertilized eggs be sent to the uterus in the fallopian tube? In fact, it is performed by moving the moving and smoothing muscles of the tubal cilia." Bai Hua said that when the drug affects these two functions of the fallopian tube, the fertilized eggs will not not be the fertilized eggs.Being able to enter the uterus normally, it may induce ectopic pregnancy.

In addition, if you take emergency contraceptives frequently, it will also cause menstrual disorders of women, and repeated vaginal irregular bleeding will also cause or aggravate pelvic inflammatory diseases.These pelvic inflammatory diseases, such as fallopian tubeitis or blocked fallopian tube, may cause ectopic or infertility.

2. Early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

1. Men stop menstruation

Most patients have a brief history of discontinuation before the onset, most of which are about 6 weeks.However, some patients are not enough to maintain the endometrium of the uterine or earlier due to the velvetic tissue, or they may mistake the pathological bleeding as early as possible due to the early onset of the disease and think that there is no historical history.

Case: Mrs. Huang’s menstrual cycle and menstrual flow have always been normal. Suddenly there was a late menstrual period and less amount, and the color was dull.Because of conservative treatment, the damage to Mrs. Huang was greatly reduced.It can be seen that female friends should always pay attention to their physical changes. If they find abnormalities, they should seek medical treatment in time.

2. Abdominal pain

Before the tubal pregnancy abortion or rupture, it manifested as a hidden pain or soreness on one side of the lower abdomen. When abortion or rupture occurs, the patient’s sudden pain on one side of the lower abdomen is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. If the blood accumulates in the uterus, the blood accumulates in the uterusThe rectum is causing, and the anus has a swelling feeling.Internal bleeding increases, blood flows from the pelvic cavity to the full abdomen, forming full abdominal pain, stimulating the diaphragmis can cause scapular radioactive pain.

This extra signs can well remind women whether there are ectopic pregnancy. Due to acute bleeding and severe abdominal pain in the abdominal cavity, motto, and severe cases of blood loss.The amount of vaginal bleeding is not proportional.

3, diarrhea

After the female palace is pregnant, the ovaries or fallopian tubes are usually ruptured for 1 to 2 months, causing bleeding in the abdominal cavity.A large amount of blood accumulates in the abdominal cavity, which can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, accelerate the peristalsis, and thereby symptoms of diarrhea.

Diarrhea caused by ectopic pregnancy and diarrhea caused by gastroenteritis are similar, and it is not easy to distinguish.This is why many women treat diarrhea caused by ectopic pregnancy as gastroenteritis.This is very dangerous.Therefore, everyone must understand the relevant information of ectopic pregnancy, so as to pay attention to the details of life, and do a good job of prevention of ectopic pregnancy.

4. vaginal bleeding

Ectopic pregnancy often has irregular vaginal bleeding, dark red, small amount, and endlessness. Generally, it does not exceed menstrual flow. It can be discharged from the molt tube or fragments with vaginal bleeding.

5. Park

It is caused by acute bleeding and severe pain in the abdominal cavity.The faster bleeding, the more severe the symptoms.It can cause dizziness, pale complexion, thin pulse, decreased blood pressure, cold sweat, and thus halo and shock.The fainting caused by ectopic pregnancy is also easy to be mistaken for hypoglycemia.

3. Note for taking contraceptives:

1. It can only be used occasionally. Generally, it can only be used once a month, and it cannot be used every month.

Take one piece within 2.72 hours, and take one after 12 hours, with a total amount of 2 pieces.The earlier, the better the effect.

3. Vomiting within 2 hours after taking the medicine, you must take a piece immediately.

4. After taking emergency contraceptives, sexual behaviors must be taken, and contraceptive measures must be taken, otherwise there is still a possibility of pregnancy.

5. Patients with cardiovascular disease, patients with diabetes, patients with breast cancer, breastfeeding women within half a year after giving birth, and those who have determined to be pregnant are strictly prohibited to use this medicine.

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