Women should pay attention to the rise in transaminase during pregnancy, and most of them consider functional liver burden

The understanding of transaminase should be deeply deepened, such as transaminase not only has liver, but also distributed in tissue cells such as skeletal muscle and heart.At the same time, transaminase is also an indispensable substance to participate in amino acid metabolism.You don’t have to worry about seeing the rise of transaminase, because it may not mean hepatitis.

Women should pay attention to the rise in transaminase during pregnancy, and most of them consider functional liver burden

Because transaminase is also distributed in other tissue and organs, when other organs have lesions, transaminase may be increased, which has nothing to do with hepatitis.When the tissue organs have a lesion, the transaminase enters the blood to detect the increase in serum transaminase concentration.For example, some women in pregnancy may increase liver burden with endocrine and blood flow.

In this case, it is generally a functional liver burden, especially in the middle and late pregnancy. This liver functional change will be more prominent.As the placenta is continuously compressed to the liver, the liver’s own cycle is also affected, that is, the transaminase we see may increase mildly.Xiaofan Health reminds that this functional liver burden is normal physiological change, and it is different from the elevated transaminase caused by the quality of the liver.

Therefore, most women return to the normal range after pregnancy.In another case, women themselves are patients with hepatitis B or other patients with liver disease, and they should be paid attention to when they have elevated transaminase during pregnancy.For example, paying attention to the deviation of transaminase too much, and accompanied by loss of appetite, general weakness, and even jaundice, doctors should help doctors judge.

The main way to spread hepatitis B is maternal and baby vertical transmission. If women find two and a half pairs of hepatitis B, hepatitis B surface antigen and E antigen -positive, indicating that hepatitis B virus is infected.Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted to newborns through maternal and infants. At this time, you should cooperate with the doctor to do the next step, such as considering the hepatitis B high -efficiency immunoglobulin and hepatitis B vaccine.

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