Women want to get pregnant, dreaming of a girl in the morning: Leave me, I’m here to report gratitude

(Original folk story, the picture comes from the Internet)

A Cui and her husband got pregnant shortly after they got married. As a result, when the due date was due, she gave birth to Trippse boy.

The couple looked at the three lovely sons and were full of joy, but when they thought of their poor days, the couple could not help but worry about it, and they were really worried that they could not afford these three boys.

Life passed day by day.So, after five years, the three little guys ran away.But who had thought, at this time, A Cui was pregnant again.

For this reason, the couple are so worried. After all, their own days are not rich, and they have been struggling to support three children. The couple are busy every day, but if one is regenerated, wouldn’t it be more tired?

Later, A Cui’s mother -in -law made an idea and asked A Cui to kill her children.At the beginning, the couple felt very reluctant, but when they thought of regenerating a child, their lives would be more difficult, and the children would suffer with suffering …

The couple thought about it, and finally decided to kill the child.Unexpectedly, after setting up the date of the fetal, on this morning, A Cui had a strange dream.

In the dream, a little girl in red pants and green pants came to A Cui, pulled her corner, and begged: "Mom, mother, you leave me! I’m here to reward. ActuallyI am in the river in the village in the village, the little girl drowned … "

After speaking, the little girl disappeared. At this time, A Cui suddenly woke up, recalled the dream just now, and intuition was incredible.

After that, she told her husband that her husband was surprised and said that before marriage, she had rescued a drowning girl in the river in the village in the village neighboring villages.At that time, this little girl was wearing red jackets and green pants!

After listening to her husband’s words, A Cui was stunned and couldn’t calm down for a long time.After a long time, she rubbed her belly and sighed: "Oh! No matter what, let’s not kill this child, keep it! She can come to our house, this is all fate!"

When the words fell, the husband nodded heavily.

In October, she was pregnant and gave birth. Unexpectedly, when the due date, A Cui really gave birth to a girl. A Cui named her daughter a dream.Day after day, dreams gradually grow up. The little girl is particularly sensible and never let her parents worry.

In a blink of an eye, A Cui’s four children finally grew up, but the three sons often provoked and wrong, and they really did not let their parents worry.

The only thing that made the Acean couple was happy that Mengmeng was admitted to college with her own intelligence, and later found a good job, took her parents to live in big cities, and filial piety to her parents. Since then, the Arui coupleEnjoy Qingfu …

(The story is over)

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