Women who have ovulation will have these 5 changes, and they can easily make people between husband and wife

Women with normal menstruation are about the 14th day of menstruation. At this stage, the same room can increase the chance of conception.In fact, just pay attention to the small details on the body to identify whether it is in the ovulation period.

1. Energy will become more abundant

The ovulation period, because the level of progesterone and estrogen in the body has changed a lot, women will become more confident and attractive.In addition, the sexual desire of women during ovulation will rise, especially eager to have sexual life, and sexual needs are strong.In the ovulation period, mature eggs will break through the filter on the ovarian surface and excrete the body. There will be a small amount of liquid flowing into the lowest part of the pelvic cavity in the foam. The sensitive female anal will have a slight inflation.There will be slight pain.

2. Decrease in resistance

In the ovulation period, it is mainly to create conditions for sperm and eggs. Because of the laws of nature, the vagina will also coordinate, making the vaginal secretions very thin, which is conducive to sperm penetrating the cervix.In addition, the secretion of nasal mucosa during ovulation will also decrease, which reduces the body’s defense system, thereby allowing bacteria to take advantage of it.

3. Ovulation and bleeding

The mild vaginal bleeding during ovulation is a normal phenomenon. Don’t worry too much, because the ovulation period, mature follicles will break and ovulate, the estrogen in the body will decrease briefly, and the normal growth of the endometrium cannot be maintained, thereby allowing the uterus to make the uterus in the uterusThe surface of the membrane falls off, causing breakthrough bleeding.The leucorrhea has blood wire or a regular vaginal bleeding.The ovulation period usually lasts about three days, and no special treatment is required.

4. Sub -belly stomach pain

Some women in the ovulation period will have slight pain, and they will be accompanied by chest pain.Because the prostaglandin in the body increases significantly during ovulation, the pressure of the follicular liquid cavity is increased, and the ovarian surface is ruptured, which will excrete the eggs.Hours.

5. Increased leucorrhea

Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea is transparent, without color and odor, can help moisturize the vagina and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. The leucorrhea during ovulation will increase significantly and thinly appear milky white. When wiping with toilet paper, it is like an egg white.Because during ovulation, the cervix is affected by progesterone and estrogen, the cervical mouth is in a state of opening and secrete a large amount of mucus. After the ovulation period is over, the mucus will be reduced and sticky.

Kind tips

Women during ovulation will have obvious symptoms. If there is a need for fertility, it should be grasped to the ovulation period. At this time, sexual life can increase the chance of conception.

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