Women’s "ovulation period", can men "smell"?Is it not ovulation during ovulation? Is it sick?

Xiao Li and Xiao Wang are a newlywed couple. They just came back after the honeymoon, and the couple were preparing to prepare for pregnancy.

After waiting for a while, Xiao Wang finally came to the "Preparation Period", that is, the ovulation period. When Xiao Li went home from get off work, Xiao Wang just wanted to say the news, but Xiao Li said coldly: "Are you time? "

This sentence made Xiao Wang a little puzzled, and he hadn’t said that her husband knew "time is?" Even Xiao Li himself couldn’t say why, but he felt that his wife’s "taste" recently smelled very well.

In other words, Xiao Wang’s "ovulation period" arrived, and Xiao Li "smelled" by his nose.

Can men really "smell" when women are "ovulation"?

In this case, many new marriage couples have experienced it, and they are puzzled by the principles.

But in the field of science, researchers are trying to confirm this:

For example, the University of California in the United States once convened more than 50 men’s subjects to let them smell the clothes worn by 17 young women and express their feelings.

The result was surprising that more than half of the 50 men were "fascinated" for one of the women’s clothes, and speculated that this was the "most attractive woman" of the 17 people.

This result allows researchers to infer that the odor emitted by women during ovulation may be related to "hormones".

The fact is true. Through further research, it is confirmed that when women are ovulation, the body will emit a "special" smell due to the increased estrogen secretion.The "subconsciousness" at the point -judge the physiological period of women in a high -precision way.

However, the cause of "smelling" women’s ovulation period does not have enough scientific theoretical support. Most of them are attributed to the instinct of "innate" in human evolution and DNA.

However, compared to men, women should pay more attention to various conditions in ovulation.As the name suggests, "normal ovulation" is a manifestation of health. If women do not ovulate during ovulation, does it mean that there is a disease?

What are the problems with the female ovulation during ovulation?

There are many types of ovulation during ovulation, mainly divided into physiological reasons and pathological causes:

The first is the physiological cause:

① Due to the disorders of the excitement of the body

For example, due to long -term weight loss, the diet is irregular; or blindly taking hormone drugs, etc., will cause the body’s endocrine disorders and imbalance in the short term, and the ovulation period is delayed backwards, which will cause the female ovulation period to "not ovulate".

In response to this kind of situation, stop drugs in time, or stop unhealthy weight loss, you can recover in daily life.

② too old and ovarian function decline

When women enter the menopausal period, the secretion of estrogen is getting less and less, and the loss of ovarian function will also cause no ovulation.This belongs to the normal physiological phenomenon of aging, so don’t worry too much.

Followed by pathological reasons:

Compared with biological reasons, pathological causes are more worthy of female friends vigilance:

For example, polycystic ovary syndrome, prolactin ledis, etc., due to the impact of the lesions, causing the follicles to be discharged mature, resulting in the occurrence of "no ovulation during ovulation".

Under normal circumstances, it is accompanied by irregular menstruation, bleeding from the lower body, and abdominal pain.If you have the above abnormal performance, go to Yiyuanju for examination and treatment in time.

It can be seen that the ovulation period does not ovulation during ovulation, which may be caused by diseases, or it may be caused by physiological factors, but they need to pay attention to and adjust them in time to allow the body to recover health as soon as possible.For women, the adjustment of life during ovulation is also very important. The better the adjustment, the healthier uterus and ovarian, and the risk of gynecological diseases can be reduced.

Women are facing ovulation periods, it is recommended to avoid these three things

The first thing: Avoid strenuous exercise

Women’s eggs are different from male sperm. The mature follicles are very large. When facing ovulation, the follicles are often mature. If the exercise is too severe, it does not rule out the possibility of the follicles rupture, or it may cause risk of abdominal pain and bleeding.Therefore, in the past few days of ovulation, female friends must avoid strenuous exercise, and it is better to spend this time with peace of mind.

Second thing: Avoid bad habits

For example, smoking, drinking, staying up late, etc., bad living habits will affect women’s endocrine balance, which will cause the quality of eggs to reduce the quality of the eggs.

Women who are waiting for ovulation and intended to conceive, please also change it in advance to lay the foundation for the baby’s health.

Third thing: avoid too nervous mood

Emotion is also an important factor for women to regulate endocrine balance.Maintaining depression for a long time, dull emotions, reduced cell activity, and the quality of eggs will be affected.

Therefore, maintaining a good mood and developing an optimistic heartbeat is also something that women must learn to do in the ovulation period. Do not be affected by negative emotions that have health.

All in all, in the ovulation period of women, various possible abnormal phenomena should learn to compare comparisons, judge whether there is a disease, and make corresponding adjustments to maintain women’s gynecological health.For male friends, if you "smell" to his other half of his ovulation, it is also important to send your meticulous care.

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