Women’s body has these reactions, which is a sign of pregnancy. Don’t think that it is sick before self -examination.

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The TV series has watched a lot. Regarding pregnancy, the most familiar bridge section of everyone is "vomiting". The heroine is always the next episode of sexual behavior.The audience knows that she is pregnant.

However, real life is not so dramatic. When the obstetrics and gynecology are rotated, among women who bleed blood and abdominal pain for unknown reasons, and even do not even have menstruation, they do not come to a hospital for medical treatment.This is because, in the case of no symptoms, poor constitution, not obvious symptoms, and even protective behavior, many women are still pregnant without knowing themselves, without deliberate maintenance, and exercise like usual.Can’t keep the fetus.

If you are married women and have no protective behavior, you must always pay attention to your physical changes. You need to learn more about pregnancy to avoid damaging the health of the fetus, so that you can’t keep it in the end;Instead of active behavior and abnormal conditions, they should also seek medical treatment in time to avoid more serious consequences due to miscarriage.

In addition to vomiting, there are many symptoms of pregnancy. Due to changes in hormones, women’s bodies often occur in the following situations:

1 The digestive tract appears abnormal, and suddenly changes the taste

In addition to asymptomatic pregnant women, this is almost the most invisible symptoms of pregnant women. Women who are normal in their bodies suddenly have a mirror, abdominal distension, constipation, etc., and even changes in taste, smell disorders, etc., may be a precursor to pregnancy.

2 There are symptoms similar to emotional fluctuations such as mood fluctuations

Some women have a small amount of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, breast pain or emotional irritability, easy to be angry and depressed, even mucosal bleeding, body resistance decreases, etc. If you have sexual life before, you must pay attention, is it already pregnant?Women with irregular menstruation are easier to ignore.

3 increased secretions, frequent urination urgency

Due to the impact of the endocrine receiving hormones, if the secretion occurs suddenly, it is more frequent than usual, and it cannot be held back. Pay attention to whether it is pregnant.

Some women are in poor constitution. Because they ignore some symptoms of not much time, they do not pay attention to those who cause abortion, so they need to pay special attention.

The university roommate is a typical physically weak woman with a thin body. After marriage, she worked hard to adjust the deficiency of qi and blood. After thinking about the improvement, she started a person -making plan with her husband. Usually, she has been irregular menstruation., The stomach and intestines are not good, and colds are even more common. One day I fainted in the hospital. After examination, Pingping was pregnant, but before, Pingping had taken a large number of antiviral drugs, and some Chinese medicines were not Zhongping. Moreover, I thought it came.The flatness of menstruation actually had irregular bleeding. After evaluation, the child was flattened.

If you fail to discover pregnancy in time, and women who have taken medicine in the early pregnancy, or improper diet, do not have to worry too much. You need to consult your doctor’s opinion during the checkup, and prosecute the dangerous behavior and details to provide more evidence to doctors.So that it can make more accurate judgments.

Generally, if pregnant women have taken contraceptives, or have antibiotics or antiviral drugs due to colds, they can be judged according to the number of days and types of the day of medication.It is recommended to terminate pregnancy. If both husband and wife have severe viral infectious diseases or genetic diseases and take medicine for a long time, pregnancy is absolutely terminated.

If you still drink tea, drink or drink coffee, etc. during this period, if you do n’t have a long pregnancy time, or you do n’t need to worry too much, but if you have been pregnant for nearly two months, you do n’t know.If you consume irritating foods, you must make a decision based on the status of the checkup and the diagnosis of the doctor.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a mother of a 3 -year -old baby. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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