Women’s pregnancy was misdiagnosed by old Chinese medicine, irregular menstruation suspected of taking promotional drugs abortion

Ms. Huang, a 37 -year -old citizen of Changzhou, found that her physiological cycle has appeared abnormal since February. She thought that she had a period of medicine for a period of time according to the doctor’s order. Unexpectedly, one day in June, her stomach hurt to the toilet.It turned out to be a baby!

At the beginning of the year, she thought it was irregular menstruation

In the midsummer in August, Ms. Huang was wearing long -sleeved trousers and wrapped herself.Since the unexpected abortion on June 8th, her physique has been weak.

"Every summer, people blow air conditioners. I wear it as cold and very virtual. I used to go to the supermarket to mention vegetables.

Ms. Huang had a marriage, and after giving birth, Ms. Huang went to the birth ring.She was married a few years ago, and now she is a new boyfriend.In the past, Ms. Huang’s menstrual cycle was very regular, but in February this year, abnormal menstrual cycle appeared.

She has not expected to be pregnant, and always thinks that it is irregular menstruation.

After the doctor, the doctor prescribed the medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

According to people, she came to a local medical hall on March 17, and a doctor Xu, who was good at diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, took her.

"I said that I was quite normal before. I didn’t come this month of holiday. At that time, she gave me the pulse and told me to go back to take a course of treatment. After drinking 1 course of treatment, if it could not drink for three months, the effect of Chinese medicine was slow." Ms. Huangexplain.

At that time, the doctor’s diagnosis of Ms. Huang was irregular menstruation. She gave her a Chinese herbal medicine prescription with blood circulation and blood stasis effect with angelica, motherwort.Ms. Huang went home to drink a week of Chinese medicine for a week, but she still did not recover.

On April 14th, she was clinic again when she saw the doctor. This time, the doctor’s diagnosis of her was still irregularly menstrual. On the basis of the first prescription, she also pressed it and gave her a drug to regulate the blood circulation.

The drug adjustment of this time was still very slow. When Ms. Huang suspected that the treatment was not good, on June 8, her belly had abnormal colic.

"At night, he started to bleed. From 10 o’clock in the evening to 4 o’clock in the middle of the night, it felt wrong to go to the toilet.

The scene in front of her shouted by Ms. Huang.When she heard the call for help, her family rushed her to the hospital urgently.Because of the bleeding, Ms. Huang underwent the ring and the Qing Palace surgery in the hospital.

Until then, she suddenly realized the cause of the abnormal menstrual cycle this year.Ms. Huang advised that she had been pregnant for 3 months. During this period, she went to the TCM clinic twice, but the doctor did not diagnose it. This made Ms. Huang questioning the doctor’s diagnosis ability.

"It was either in February or in March. I went to the clinic in March. Even if I did n’t diagnose it for the first time, I went again in April. The doctor always became a medicine that I was not menstruation."

The woman claims to the hospital for 5,000

The unexpected miscarriage caused Ms. Huang to be hit by physical and mental physical and mental. She originally intended to have another child with her current boyfriend. If she knew she was pregnant, she would not take the traditional Chinese medicine of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. What she was most afraid of is that the unexpected miscarriage would affectFuture fertility function.

Together with nearly 10,000 yuan in medical expenses, misunderstandings, escort fees, and mental loss, Ms. Huang filed a request to claim 50,000 yuan to the hospital.

The reporter learned that this is a traditional Chinese medicine clinic that has issued a medical institution qualification by the health department. Dr. Xu, who has seen Ms. Huang, has a licensed physician certificate. She also has many years of clinical medical experience.

The person in charge of the clinic Yang said that the clinic adopts the concept of pure Chinese medicine to see a doctor. It does not use Western medicine such as B -ultrasound machinery. On March 17th, Ms. Huang came to the doctor for the first time.Traditional Chinese medicine cannot be distinguished for early pregnancy.

"We are pure Chinese medicine. The number pulse is generally 3 months after pregnancy. The most accurate diagnosis of early pregnancy is the B -ultrasound. At that time, she proposed the ring. The doctor did not expect to be pregnant. We have always recognized it. The doctor did not recommend it.There is a lack of pregnancy testing. "

Yang said that in this incident, the doctor believed in the patient’s complaint, and did not recommend that she had a necessary early pregnancy test. There were indeed faults and omissions in diagnostic behavior. This clinic did not deny it.Compensation.

Is there a miscarriage due to the prescription?Both sides have controversy

However, the clinic considers the clinic that takes the doctors’ menstrual blood circulation prescriptions and whether the subsequent accidents can be directly divided into equal number.

According to the clinic, angelica and motherworts have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, but under a certain dose, the effect is mild. Ms. Huang’s last time was in late April, but accidental abortion occurred on June 8th.For more than a month, whether there is an inevitable connection between the two? Before the third -party authoritative institution issued a legal inspection report, it was not good to judge.

"There are blood circulation in the medicine prescribed by the doctor, but there are other medicines that complement each other. Chinese medicine is about dialectical. For the first time, I told her that if it was the hospital’s responsibility, we must all bear it.Is there any reason for this or other reasons, because the Shekuan will also lead to abortion.

The division of responsibilities was unknown, causing the negotiation between the two parties to the deadlock.Experts from the Changzhou Medical Association pointed out that there are many reasons for the abortion of ladies of childbearing age. Improper drugs, autoimmune causes, incomplete cervical function, accidental collision and injury may cause unexpected miscarriage."At present, Ms. Huang advocates compensation for 50,000 yuan to complain to the Municipal Doctor Dispute Settlement Center." (Jiangsu News)

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