Women’s private parts are itchy, what is going on?How can I quickly relieve itching?Listen to what the doctor says

In daily life, many women will have itching in private parts. This phenomenon is also called vaginal itching.When most women have this phenomenon, they will also be accompanied by leucorrhea abnormalities, dysuria, and hypothyroid hot sensation.If this phenomenon occasionally occurs, it is generally related to women’s personal health work.However, if this phenomenon repeatedly occurs, it must be vigilant, which is most likely caused by some diseases.Let me introduce it in detail.

What are the reasons for women’s repeated vaginal itching?

I. Allergies

If women are allergic, repeated vaginal itching will occur.For example, the sanitary napkin and toilet paper used by women during menstruation, if the quality is unqualified, it will cause allergies for women’s vulva, which will cause vaginal itching symptoms.In addition, if women choose some chemical fiber -made underwear, they will also cause allergies.

In addition, if women have vaginal itching after a complete life, it is generally caused by allergies to semen or condoms.Some women will choose to use some care supplies when cleaning the vulva, such as soap.The irritation of these care products is relatively stimulating, and the skin in the vagina will cause contact dermatitis due to strong stimulation, which will cause women to repeatedly develop vaginal itching symptoms.

Second, vaginitis

If women are infected with some bacteria, it is easy to suffer from various types of vaginitis, such as trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, or atrophic vaginitis.Once suffering from vaginitis, itching will occur in the vulva and vagina of women, and it is accompanied by burning and pain.In addition, the leucorrhea of patients will change, such as changes in leucorrhea colors, or the increase in leucorrhea, and generally accompanied by a strong odor.In addition, patients are also accompanied by frequent urination or hematuria.

Third, ringworm

Tingling is a infection that occurs in the skin of the skin in perineum, groin, and anal and hips.Once infected with ringworm, patients’ perineum, anus, etc. will occur repeatedly itching.There are also some erythema with these itching parts and accompanied by desquamation.In severe cases, even pimples and blisters appear.

It can be seen that if women often experience repeated vaginal itching, it is generally related to allergies and various types of vaginitis and suffering from ringworm.When repeated vaginal itching, what should I do to effectively and quickly relieve itching?

When vaginal itching, do not take the drugs randomly by yourself, let alone wash the vagina with hot water.These behaviors can cause imbalance in vaginal flora, and it is easy to aggravate the symptoms of vaginal itching.And it can cause various inflammation, which is very unfavorable to health.When the symptoms of vaginal itching occur, be sure to take a doctor quickly, do a routine leucorrhea examination, and use drug treatment under the guidance of the doctor.In addition, you can also use some topical washing fluid under the guidance of a doctor to clean the vagina to achieve the effect of rapid itching.If the itching symptoms are particularly serious, you can use a thick cold woolen towel to wet the vulva area, which can temporarily relieve itching.

All in all, if women repeatedly have symptoms of vaginal pruritus, except that they are not well done except for personal hygiene, they are generally related to the above three factors.Then women must go to regular hospitals quickly and give corresponding treatment according to the cause.In addition, women must not wear too tight underwear, and do not choose some chemical fiber panties.And be sure to pay attention to sexual life safety, and no confusion life.Otherwise, the probability of infection with some inflammation or even virus will be particularly high.It will cause repeated vaginal itching, which is very harmful to health.

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