Woohoo, my ears are going to be pregnant

I sincerely adventure lost, staying at the door of the men’s toilet, waiting for the first person to come out to WeChat.

"Sister, do you want to come in together?"

I was startled, shameful and angry, "That, can you add … add a WeChat"

His slender double fingers pinched the cigarette and vomited on my face. "It’s a bit interesting, come and help me, I promise."


Tonight, the community went to KTV, and opened a sincere adventure.

The boys who have tied their lover relationship together are also there.

When he lost, I always looked forward to punish him and let him see me.

But when I lost, he always pushed me to others, leaving only a few side faces.

Maybe I am too sensitive.

Until there was a game, others punished his princess to hold a girl.

My friend poked me with his fingers, and I also know that I am the lightest girl in the field.Very embarrassed, secretly looking at him through the chance of drinking drinks.

He smiled and hugged his brother’s sister, pressed everyone into his arms.Holding her shoulders.

At that moment, I imagined like someone else, waved, coaxed, applauded, and became a normal onlooker

But my eyes are sore, I try to hold back

My heart hurts, I try to hold my breath

ha.Acknowledge it.He is not mine.

Silently lowering my head, I pretend to play mobile phones and enter the familiar game interface,

A meal of operation lifted the CP relationship of the game with a 12th level of his intimacy.

I quickly opened the game, immersed in the game, and forced the sourness in the corner of my eyes to fade a little bit.

Don’t be shameful, Chen Wanwan, you can’t be seen through.


Maybe it was a broken jar. In the game in the back, I smiled very well, and I was stuffy with drinking.

Gradually, his head was faint, but he was punished again.

"Go to ask the first person who came out of the men’s toilet to have a WeChat," I don’t know who coaxed

I look at the former CP, he talks with the beautiful girl held by the princess just now

I nodded, stood up without any energy, and walked to the toilet.

It’s a bit tired, go back to the dormitory after finishing this punishment.

I held the men’s toilet, the man’s clothes, he looked surprised, he looked surprised,

"Sister, want to come in together?"

I lowered my head, my face became hot for a moment, and I endured the shame of people coming and going

"That, add … add a WeChat?"

He looked at me slowly, and his tone "Huh?"

I seem to smell Nasmat’s black tobacco.

I used to sleep on it at night.

This perfume is domineering and sexy, bringing a trace of teasing.

His slender double fingers were holding cigarettes and spit it on my face. "It’s a bit interesting, come to help me, I promise."


He took my hand and walked out, and I didn’t pull it out a few times.

The martyrdom is narrow.

He dragged his arms hard, and I planted in the breath of black tobacco

I miss it too much, I almost cried.

He scolded "Fuck!"

I was so scared that I went back to tears.

Looking up, sure enough, in order to help me block, his shirts were wet, and the part of his shoulders was more affixed with the body, and the curve was very powerful.

"Is it good?"

A drop of wine dripped on his chin and dripped on my face.I blinked

Then I realized that I was stunned in his arms and pushed away in a hurry.

He hummed coldly, dragging the waiter’s leader to closer the person, "Don’t you see the Tao?"

I’m afraid they will fight, and my heart mentions my throat

He glanced at me, "snoring" impatiently, pushing people,

"get out."

Then reach out in front of me and spread out your palm upwards

I was scared a little, and my hands trembled.

Just very shy.

In this situation, there is a difference "I am willing"

As a result, he was wet and held up, and he laughed at him, "What do you think? Are you girls with paper? Wipe me for me."

He also said, "Forget it, just pass by."

I didn’t break the hand of grip anymore, although I couldn’t tell whether it was wine or sweat.

4. 4..

"Wow," when I entered the box, I heard a scream, "Shen Ye went to the toilet to bring a sister back?"

I stopped, and my head buzzed.

After doing one night, players and spectators, now they have become other people’s girls.

I glanced at him secretly and greeted him back.

He also stopped and waited for me. He raised his eyebrows as if asking, "Suggest?"

My heart was hot, raised my hand and pushed him for a while."Where am I sitting?"

He held his hand, dragged me into the sofa of two people, and threw a doll into my arms.

Wait, where is the doll in KTV?IntersectionIntersection

The call button was blocked by a bunch of beer. He called his companion to hold it,

"Make a cup of hot milk, call a fruit plate."

"Where does the hot milk from KTV?" Finally someone made my mouth, I couldn’t help laughing out

"I said there is, so where are so nonsense?" He kicked that person.

While I was a little free, I went to his ear and asked him, "How can I help?"

He watched me for a while, and learned what I was leaning, and whispered,

"Sit here and drink the hot milk, even if you help me."


Then I knew where I was wrong.

The small air flow blows into the ears, scanning like a small hook, making people shrink her neck.

It’s so numb and can’t stand.

"Shen Ye, you come back just right," a boy next to you sent two bottles of RIO,

"Miss Ye Chuhan said she came immediately. How do you say, the brothers withdrew?"

"No, I will withdraw after a while." He looked at me, opened the bottle cap with one hand, "I will give me a handle later."

I nodded blankly.

When he saw it, he knocked on a brain jumping.It doesn’t hurt.

"I didn’t say you." He leaned on the back of the sofa, picked up the beer bottle gurgling and pouring most of them.

I see his throat rolling,

I don’t know what, I didn’t hold back, I touched it and touched it

Touch him.

"I fuck … cough … cough …"

Do something wrong.

I stared fiercely and started to have my own left hand, and the paper towels on the table handed him to wipe his mouth.

He lowered his head and only cared for cough

I didn’t dare to wipe it, I could only try to pat his back, but he seemed to be even more stunned.

Just as my hand hangs on his back, I don’t know if it was a shooting, a angry female voice rang,

"Brother Shen, what are you doing?"

From a long and near, the wind.She wants to hit me.

Shen Ye raised his head suddenly, the fierce eyes in the thin black hair, raised his hand and held the fan’s wrist over

"I don’t hit a woman, you know, consciously."

… You just grabbed her wrist, but she looked like she was crying.

As a just lost in love, I was so rich in my heart.

Well, very mellow, very warming the stomach.

"Brother Shen, you reject me today, just for her little white flower?"

Her index finger pointed directly at my airport.

I feel offended.

But … she visually had C, and the short skirt was very thin.

I drank hot milk again and decided to eat half a papaya before going to bed.

My expression is very bitter.Come on, Chen Wanwan.

Suddenly, I felt that my brain was caught, and then I was pulled into a hot embrace by the unquestionable force.

"Little Baihua? But I think she is cute." The low voice sounded in my ear

The chest is shaking, and this is the dangerous area of filled with black tobacco.

Top, a bit up

I ca n’t help but endure the addiction. I lowered my head, and my face leaned on his thin shirt.

The index finger evoked a ray of hair, rolled, and poke his chest with a hair tail, "Am I cute?"

Obviously he felt that he was shaking.

"Don’t make trouble." He whispered me.

I could only accept my hair, but my face was irregularly stunned, and I encountered a soft one.


I have rules.Such as the golden chicken on the only wood, motionless.

He was even more powerful in his shoulders.

"You !!!" The beautiful younger sister was so angry that she went out with high heels.

I saw the door closed, and quickly pulled out his head from his arms.

Before he opened his face, he pulled out his phone and showed a flattering smile. "Let me add a WeChat?"

He rubbed his chest, can’t underestimate my expression, reviewed for a while and asked again,


I compared with my fingers, "100 million points …"

He looked at the empty milk cup and lifted his chin.


My mouth was knotted and I couldn’t say it.

I can’t say anything, so aggrieved.

When my mouth pumped, I wanted to cry.

He was so scared that he held my back and patted my face into his arms.

"Okay, I wo n’t say it if I ca n’t say it. I like the little cute that I ca n’t tell the password.”

I was bored "um".

"Which school? I sent you back to the dormitory?" He rubbed my brain, like a coquettish dog in Rua.

"A large building, 403 on the fourth floor"

I felt my eyes closed.His pectoral muscles, good Q bombs.


Following him on the way back to school, the evening breeze blew up, and I was awake.

Jiu Jin passed, and I started to look at him secretly.

Then I found a very heartache fact.

He was one meter nine, I was one meter six, and there was only a sharp jaw in his sight.

I can only look down at him holding my hand, with clear knuckles, and dormant to the bones.

A punch looks like I can hit me ten.

Several boys on the road screamed twice towards us and wanted to come over.I look up at him.

I just saw him squinting his eyes, and a silent roll of words exit

So fierce.

When he bowed his head, he said, "23 buildings, 403 on the fourth floor, right?"

After speaking, don’t let go, pull me under a tree.

I thought of the shirt poured by the wine on his body, and looked at him, "Can you wait for me, I will take it for you to dry clothes."

He couldn’t bear the wet clothes, and frowned "Sister, I am 120, plan to let me wear a tight clothes?"

I thought about that picture, my face was hot.

He opened the QR code business card and let me scan it. I ordered it twice.

"Like it so much?" He laughed with funnyly, seemed to be aggressive, and I was fascinated.

I played the speed of the game to practice and quickly added my friends.

As a result, he hugged his mobile phone, stared at the remarks, and glanced at him.

I can’t figure it out.

"That, I’m Chen Wanwan, make a friend."

He looked up, pushed me slowly, his palm was on the back of me, against the tree.

The deep magnetic sound sounded from above and was very oppressed.

"Can you kiss?"


"You don’t keep the male virtue!"

For 18 years, my mother -in -law ended up because of loved by the game scumbag.

Where have you seen this posture.

He was very close, and he spit on his skin warmly, as if the vicious dragon he was holding was waiting for the princess to cast the net.

I tried to recall the rules of men in my mind, "How can I kiss your name for the first time?" I don’t know your name. "

"Shen Ye, Shenyang’s Shen, night’s night." He laughed, very patient.

"Chen Wanwan, elassed ears, night at night." I got hot with my face.

Why do I have the word of the night?

He also gave him a chance to read, "Oh, night at night, the night is beautiful today."

I look up at the night, I just hit his deep eyes in his deep eyes.

"I’m willing to look up now." He teased me carelessly.

Where can I stand this? As soon as my hands stretched out, I held his face

IntersectionHe blinked

I am so angry that Dantian, "Straighten me, cub."

He stunned, and the smile on the corner of his mouth was getting bigger and bigger.

…I was wrong

Mom, I’m scared.

"Very brave, little cute" He almost scared me to cry, "Do you want me to watch you all the time?"

Aunt Su Guan’s throat saved me, "At 11 o’clock, the door is locked,"

"Dear dear, holding it, see you see you tomorrow, and move quickly."

Auntie, I thank you.

The phrase "dear" in my head buzzed

Instead, he embraced me and stood up again."Okay, don’t tease you, and no longer let you go back to the dormitory, the little princess can’t get on the pumpkin car."

I watched the red marks that was pressed by my hand on the tree, and started to curl hair unconsciously.

He looked at me in his pocket, and I also rolled my hair with all myself, and no one moved to leave first.

I thought that the wine was worth drinking tonight because the wine was courageous.

I was brave, shaking hands to grab his white shirt, and whispered, "You lower,"

He whispered and bowed his head uncomfortably.


I quickly spicked on my side face.

"Thank you for sending me back, good night."

Then he ran back to the dormitory without his head.

I didn’t dare to look back at him.

When I got the dormitory, I got angry and received the mobile phone information push.

"Good night." It was the voice strip sent by Shen Ye.

Oh, my ears are going to be pregnant.

Title: "His task is over"

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