World AIDS Day: You must know these "Ai" knowledge, you must know

Today is World AIDS Day.Since the world’s first AIDS infection is diagnosed, human beings have been fighting AIDS.For AIDS, we need to fully understand it. Only in this way can we prevent it better and more effective.

Yang Renguo, the attending physician of the Department of Infectious Division of the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Medical Sciences, said in an interview with the People’s Daily Online that AIDS’s medicine is called "acquired immune defect syndrome" (AIDS), which is a kind of AIDS virus (HIV)Harmatic infectious diseases.HIV mainly attacks the most important CD4+T lymphocytes in the human immune system, leading to a large amount of CD4+T lymphocytes, causing the human body to lose immune function.Diseases threatened patients’ lives.

"The transmission pathway of AIDS is mainly sexual contact, blood transmission, maternal and baby communication, and other channels. Among them, sexual contact dissemination is the main way to spread AIDS."Between spread.The more sexual partners, the greater the danger of infection with AIDS.Anyone drug use in the syringe is an important dangerous act of transmitting AIDS through blood.Enter blood or blood products contaminated by AIDS virus, and use unsatisfactory surgery, injection, acupuncture, tooth extraction, beauty and other devices to enter the human body, which can spread AIDS.Women infected with AIDS virus may transmit AIDS to fetuses or babies through pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.Without preventive measures, fetuses and babies of about 1/3 will be infected.

Yang Renguo said that AIDS is a infectious disease with a high mortality rate, but the spread of AIDS virus must have certain conditions.The AIDS virus of the living cells in the blood and body fluid is very fragile, and it will lose activity after a few hours.Such as social behavior such as hugging, shaking hands; common tableware, office utensils, bathrooms, swimming pools, etc.; Cough, sneezing, mosquito bites, etc. will not be infected with AIDS virus."We need to be vigilant about the spread of AIDS, but vigilance does not mean to magnify fear infinitely, nor is it discriminated against AIDS patients."

"There is no vaccine to prevent AIDS at present, mastering preventive knowledge, rejection of dangerous behavior, and doing a good job of protection is the most effective way to prevent." For the three ways of communication of AIDS, Yang Renguo gives the following prevention of AIDS: compliance with morality, fixed nature, fixed naturePartner; use a qualified condom correctly; use a disposable syringe to share the syringe with others; donate blood from the non -regular institutions approved by government agencies; not to get teeth and ears in non -formal institutions;Go to the regular medical institution for maternal and infant blocking.(Yan Yan)

Source: People’s Daily Online

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