Xi Mengyao announced on Mother’s Day that she was pregnant with a second child.

Xi Mengyao’s Mother’s Day showed a picture of her son who gave her carnations, and also said that "Mother’s Day can receive two bouquets in the future."

Many families now choose to conceive a second child, so do parents know how to say English in English?

In English, "second child" can be said directly as "Second Child"

Many Couples, Who Alream Have One Healthy, Happy Child, Are Facing a Dilemma, Namely, The Issue of WHETHER or Not to Have a Second Child.

Many couples who have already had a healthy and happy child are facing a dilemma, that is, whether to have a second child.

What needs to be distinguished here is "the" or "A".

A: It means that it means that it may not be born. I don’t know what kind of child it is

Example: Do you want to give bigh to a second child?

Do you want to have a second child?

THE: It means that the child is born, the child who does exist

Example: He is the second child in the family.

He ranks second at home.

1. The English expression of "having children"

Some countless are Willing to give birth to a seacond child.

Some couples are willing to have a second child.

Although Bear has the meaning of bear, it also means to have children. "Bear" is a synonym for "Give Birth to".However, it should be noted that the past type of Bear is BORE, BORNE, or Born is its past segmentation.

She was not able to bear children.

She cannot have children.

Emma Bore a Son Called Karl.

Emma gave birth to a son and named Karl.

She Bore Him a Daughter, Susanna.

She gave him a daughter called Susanna.

In addition to the meaning of "sending, publishing; transportation", "Deliver" also has a layer of meaning "to help or assist at the birth of …", translated into "birth", generally use and useful verbs.

It can also express "having children", but to use a passive statement, "SB Be Deliveered of a Baby/Child".

Although we’d planned to have our baby at home, we never expectd to deliver her our our our own!

Although we are going to have children at home, we have never thought that we have to give birth to her!

2. English expression of "pregnancy"

be having/carrying a baby/child

When using this phrase, you must pay attention to the tense.

I have the good news for you that I am having/carrying a baby/child.

I have good news to tell you that I am pregnant.

"Be Expecting a baby" means that he is looking forward to having a baby.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Expecting their Second Baby.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking forward to the arrival of their second child.

Eating for Two

I never died but I realized early on that the old adage "eating for two" is really a buund of the hooey.

I have never diet, but I realize the earliest ancient words: eating for two people (meant to be pregnant) is really a nonsense

Expectant Mothers are Simultaneously Cautioned by Doctors to Gain No more than 35pounds and eggn by Friends and Family, o,

While the doctor warned the mothers to gain weight during pregnancy, the friends and family should not eat them with expectant mothers to eat for two people.

Mostly used for speaking.It can be understood like this (with children) only a real family.

A very interesting slang, "BUN" is "small round bread", "Oven" is "oven", which literally means "bread in the oven", which actually means "fetus, pregnancy".

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