Xiaosan pregnancy finds to come to the door for divorce. The real case tells you to solve the best way to solve the pregnancy.

If one day your husband derailed Primary Three, what will you do if you come to the door to force you to divorce?

Directly, I went out of Xiao San’s arrogant Xiao San, and told Xiaosan to let your divorce is a dream.

Or do you call home with a derailed man and start to conflict with the derailed man?

This is the way most of the original matching can be used, but it is not the best way to solve the third way to get pregnant.

If you are in such a dilemma, you can refer to the solution in this real case.

This derailment case was an extramarital affair case that Jiaxin contacted last year.

The original with Ms. Du and her husband had been married for nine years, and the relationship between the husband and wife has always been good.

Her husband works in nature and often travels on business. It is half a month for a month.

Ms. Du was busy with her own work, and did not think she felt a man at home because of her husband.

Instead, I felt that the two were not always together. Every time her husband returned home, there would be some surprises and stimuli.

Her husband is also a very gentle and careful man who will bring gifts to her and her children every time I go home.

Ms. Du’s father -in -law has also been helping to bring her children. She has always felt that she was very happy.

I did not expect that her husband would be derailed and would make Xiao San pregnant.

Ms. Du never doubted her husband’s derailment. Until Xiaosan came to the door, she had to believe that her husband was derailed.

The reason why Primary Three came to the door was because Xiaosan was pregnant and wanted to be in the position, so he forced Ms. Du to divorce.

Ms. Du never thought that her husband would be derailed. In the face of looking for the door, she also claimed that she was pregnant with her husband and children. Naturally, it was helpless.

For the first time to meet Xiao San, I fell off the wind. Except that she didn’t believe it, her husband couldn’t fight back the language of Xiao San.

On the contrary, Xiaosan was ready to find Ms. Du. Each sentence was picked by Ms. Du’s pain point.

For example, a derailed man will buy gifts for her every time a business trip, and Ms. Du thinks this is the performance of love her.

As a result, Ms. Du directly told Ms. Du that the gifts I bought every time they were picked up, and Ms. Du liked it.

The reason why the derailed men buy gifts for Ms. Du is not out of feelings, but because every time they travel with Xiaosan, they are guilty to Ms. Du.

Ms. Du was hit by Xiao San’s words, and she could only drive away Xiaosan, and a person cried at home.

After the derailed man returned home, Ms. Du directly filed a divorce with him, so that the derailed man went out and rolled out.

Ms. Du was caught off guard by Xiao San, and she didn’t say any counterattack.

In the face of a derailed man, he had some preparations and said a lot of ruthless words.

The derailed man is indeed like Primary Three, and he is guilty to Ms. Du.

He always said that this was sorry for Ms. Du, but insisted on disagreeing with divorce.

The derailed man told Ms. Du and Xiaosan to be able to persuade Xiao San not to children, and then go home to live with Ms. Du.

Ms. Du was looking forward to it at the time. The derailed man said so and did the same.

As a result, more than a week passed, and the derailed man did not break with Xiao San, and Primary Three came to the door again.

Xiao San asked Ms. Du if she was expected to be derailed, and she told Ms. Du that it was impossible.

The derailed man loves Primary Three. What she and Ms. Du said, just coax Ms. Du.

The reason why he does not divorce is because divorce must be divided into property, and he is afraid of being derailed by others.

Drag Ms. Du, want Ms. Du to accept the children of Primary Three and Primary Three.

When Xiaosan left, she asked Ms. Du if she wanted to share a man with her, she didn’t mind!

The words of Primary Three obviously stimulated Ms. Du again, and more firmly divorced the derailed men.

The derailed man is also more sour and thinner. The derailed man has always guaranteed that it will be broken with Primary Three, so that Ms. Du will give her time.

Ms. Du was unwilling to divorce, but she was also painful. She came to Jiaxin and wanted to do emotional guidance.

The first is that Xiao San wants to be positioned, and is very urgent to want to be superior.

This primary three is obviously a very thoughtful, and he knows how to use people’s hearts.

When Primary Three first found Ms. Du, what she said was a sentence.

The relationship between the husband and wife between Ms. Du and the derailed man degraded a bad text.

It also made Ms. Du’s chills of derailed men, so she directly proposed a divorce.

Obviously, Xiaosan’s purpose of finding Ms. Du is to divorce Ms. Du and the derailed man.

Why is this Primary Three urgent, because after a few days, find Ms. Du again.

The goal is still very straightforward, that is, to stimulate Ms. Du and let Ms. Du grasp the divorce.

Two times looking for Ms. Du, each time was fierce, it was obviously an urgent manifestation of the superiority.

Secondly, derailed men and primary three are not the same heart. Men who derailment do not want to divorce, or even children who want Primary Three.

Xiaosan wanted to divorce Ms. Du, but the derailed man was unwilling to divorce.

If the derailed man wants to divorce, he must follow Ms. Du’s words, pretend to be guilty, and then divorce.

The derailed man did not, but insisted that he would not divorce, and he promised to break the relationship with the third three.

And when Ms. Du did not require, she took the initiative to persuade Xiao San not to children.

It can be seen from this that derailed men do not want a young child.

Therefore, Jiaxin believes that the derailed men and Primary Three are not a heart, and there are even many contradictions.

In fact, you can see it from the third three pregnancy.

He loves Primary Three and has no feelings for Ms. Du. Xiaosan does not need to come to the top.

The derailed men will divorce the children of Primary Three and Primary Three sooner or later. What about the risk of being scolded by the original match?

Therefore, the derailed man is unwilling to divorce, nor does it want to marry a primary three, or even a child of Primary Three.

Xiao San did this to jump the wall in a dog and had to do so.

Third, the original derailed men still have deep feelings.

Why should the original match divorce?It was not because her husband was derailed and had a child with Primary Three.

Like Xiaosan found Ms. Du for the first time, Xiaosan said that men were derailed, and Ms. Du still maintained her husband.

What she said was that her husband couldn’t, she didn’t believe in Primary Three, it was clear that she had a deep relationship with her husband.

But Primary Three said that her husband didn’t love her, and she bought something and was guilty to Ms. Du.

Ms. Du’s mentality immediately collapsed, drove Xiaosan out, and divorced the derailed man.

The man who derailed later shows the attitude. Ms. Du is actually more inclined to believe in derailed men.

Ms. Du did not make a divorce. Xiao San came to the door again. She also took out the derailed man’s emotional emotional emotional stimulation Ms. Du.

Ms. Du will divorce again. Compared with many original matches, they hate the third,

In this case, Ms. Du’s more emotions were vented on derailed men because she had a deep relationship with derailed men.

Finally, how did this case solve?You can simply say it.

After listening to Jiaxin’s analysis, Ms. Du was silent for a while and told me that she didn’t want to divorce.

She had a good relationship with her husband, but she couldn’t accept her husband in love with her.

She asked me if I could separate the Primary Three, and I told her that she and her husband’s united front.

Her husband also said frankly that she did not derail with Primary Three many times, and was an accident with Primary Three.

Unexpectedly, Xiaosan would get pregnant, and wanted to rely on the children in the stomach.

Ms. Du is more concerned about the issue of gifts, and the derailed man also explains that

I have been buying before knowing Primary Three. This is the habit of being at the beginning of love.

The gift was not a Primary Three. It was because of the entanglement of Primary Three. The derailed man refused to buy a gift for the original match. Xiao San knew it.

Therefore, it is clear that Primary Three wants to use Ms. Du’s emotions to let her destroy her husband and wife’s feelings, and then Xiao San takes the opportunity to go up.

Ms. Du’s husband was worried that Ms. Du did not believe, and immediately met Xiao San to meet.

Then I took the initiative to turn on the voice and let Ms. Du hear that the young three threatened the derailed man,

If you continue to force the small three hands, go to the company to report her. If the derailed man does not divorce, Xiaosan will find the original match every day.

When Ms. Du heard the truth, she was naturally willing to stand on the derailed man and solve the primary three together.

Because Ms. Du did not make a divorce, she also helped a derailed man to deal with Primary Three. Xiao San knew that he was hopeless.

It did not continue to entangle, but threatened the career of a man with derailed men. After asking for a sum of money, the child left.

Jiaxin knew that many people might not be satisfied with this result, felt that men were derailed, and the original match should be divorced.

For this view, Jiaxin does not agree with it. Not all extramarital affairs should be solved with divorce.

Do you want to divorce? This choice can only be done by the original match, like Ms. Du.

If she is really impulsive to divorce, she will definitely regret knowing the truth in the future.

Therefore, divorce should be cautious. Don’t just look at the surface to make the right choice.

If you are derailed and don’t know what to do, you can pay attention to Jiaxin and talk about your situation privately.

I am Jiaxin, a marriage maintenanceer focusing on the separation of a third party.

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