Xie Na is pregnant, the process is worth thinking about every woman

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Xie Na was pregnant, this time it was true.

On September 26, the host Xie Na and singer Zhang Jie’s sixth anniversary, Zhang Jie posted on Weibo, announcing that Xie Na was pregnant.

Xie Na is definitely a controversial TOP1 if he wants to evaluate a "TOP List" in the entertainment industry.For six years of marriage, "Xie Na is suspected to be pregnant" several popular topics every year.Rumors, rumors, and spreading rumors every few months … Xie Na’s belly has become a traffic version of how many entertainment versions have become in these years.

Xie Na was sneaked, "the belly was slightly raised" -Di pregnancy.

Xie Na walked on the street and wore flat shoes -pregnant.

Xie Na went to the hospital -she was pregnant.

Xie Na was absent from the recording of the happy base camp -pregnancy.

Xie Na went to study in the United States -ready to have children.

Zhang Jie’s new song -Xie Na is not pregnant yet?

Where is the ex -boyfriend Liu Ye who takes the baby to participate in his father -Xie Na is not pregnant yet?


Another rumor accompanied by it has also become a hot search word in the past two years: Xie Na Zhang Jie divorced.The most powerful evidence of this rumor is that Xie Na was not pregnant.

The physiological pregnancy process starts from the moment of the combination of sperm and eggs.But the process of Xie Na’s pregnancy is more like a process of incident development and a process of ideological dissemination. It has begun when the rumor of "Xie Na pregnancy" first appeared.Today, the parties have confirmed pregnancy and finally ended a successful end to the process.

Looking back at this process, it is worth asking: Why can anyone be able to consume "Xie Na pregnancy" repeatedly these years, why can these words attract the attention of the public?


I’m not worth being loved, because I can’t give you a child

A topic or rumor, the reason why it can enter the category of mass communication and repeatedly is because a specific social soil has given it huge communication energy.What kind of social soil has the topic of making Xie Na pregnant and Xie Na’s divorce almost grow up?

I want to tell a real story first.The protagonist of the story is Xiao Mo, because her husband is gambling and domestic violence. A few years ago, Xiao Mo finally got married when he was 35 years old.

After more than a year of divorce, because of work, her 5 -year -old Ming Jie approached her world.They cooperated very well in their work, and they had a lot of contact. They found that they had a lot of common hobbies. The way of life and many things was very similar.

Ming Jie had a short marriage, which was introduced by people.Less than a year of marriage, because the woman’s ex -boyfriend returned from abroad, the woman had to go back to reunite with her ex -boyfriend, and Ming Jie agreed to divorce.There was no intersection in the life circle of the two people. After the divorce, Ming Jie left his hometown to work in the city where Xiao Mo was located, and basically cut off with his ex -wife.

After half a year of contact, Ming Jie pursued Xiao Mo.Even if Xiao Mo was in love with Mingjie, she continued to reject him.Parents on both sides are also strong opposition. The most important reason for opposition is that Mobi Mingjie is too big, and Mingjie does not have his own children, and Xiao Mo is likely to be unable to burn due to physical reasons.

Mingjie and Xiao Mo, one unremitting pursuit, one always dodge, this state lasted for nearly a year, Xiao Mo finally accepted the relationship.they got married.After getting married, Ming Jie chose to settle in Xiao Mo’s city, and was willing to live with Xiao Mo’s parents.

Conflict began in the third artificial conception.At that time, Xiao Mo was very sad. She did not discuss with Mingjie, so she rented a house separately for her parents to move her parents out.Because Xiao Mo felt that living with her parents was even more unfair to Ming Jie.

However, it was her move that made Mingjie annoyed.He felt that Xiao Mo did this so that he couldn’t face everyone, and Xiao Mo didn’t believe him at all in his heart, and did not believe his love for her.This incident has almost become the watershed of the relationship between the two people.Later, many small events accumulated, and their marriage seemed to have reached a desperate situation.They obviously love each other, but they don’t know how to get along.

When Xiao Mo came to know the platform for help, the most word she said about her husband Mingjie was "kind".The consultant also proved that the information obtained also proved that Ming Jie was really a very kind and even noble man.Understanding Xiao Mo’s growth process, she found that she had a very lack of security experience when she was a child. After divorce, she experienced two failures of failure, and the other party had more or less deceived her.

Therefore, Xiao Mo is actually very unconfident in his marriage with Mingjie.Especially after the failure of artificial conception, she even said that she asked Mingjie to find surrogacy.Even though Mingjie repeatedly emphasized with her, he didn’t care if they had children. As long as two people could live happily, Xiao Moane still felt that she could not have a child, and she was not worthy of Mingjie.

A person’s unconfidence in feelings is also a killer who destroys true feelings.In the relationship, we must not only learn to love people, but also need to learn to accept being loved frankly.For many people, it is not a lack of love, but it is precisely the lack of courage and confidence to accept love.Make up your own confidence and learn to be loved. This is the task that Xiao Mo needs to complete.(Appointment to know online consultant to contact WeChat Xingzhizaixian16)

Xiaomo’s unconfident and disagreement about himself is largely related to the child.But is it really a necessity for children?

I have seen a woman nearly 40 years old, and has been married for ten years with her first love. She is still happy like a flower.There is no child, it is her decision with her husband, because she feels that she is very sensitive to pain, she has never been prepared, her husband can’t bear to let her withstand the pain, and feel that the two people have a good condition.A child.

I have to admit that in China, when most people still believe in "couples have children with children", there are indeed a small number of people who have embarked on Dink’s road.

Some people say that women are more and more afraid of having children, but men still want to find a fertility machine, which is really a kind of sorrow.In fact, we need to be alert to another kind of sorrow than this sadness: some men do not care whether women can have children, but women still treat themselves as fertility machines.


The marriage is not good, I can give you a baby again

On the Xingzhi platform, there are many visitors who have been married for more than ten years. The children are going to school, and the house cars have all. The relationship between husband and wife has problems.It may be that the husband is derailed, it may be the long -term cold war between the husband and wife, and it may be the cold violence of the husband. In short, it is a big conflict that can easily lead to divorce.

At this time, many women will come to ask, do I want to regenerate a child?Is it possible to regenerate a child, and my husband can change his mind, and our feelings can he warm up?

At the same time, there is another type of visitors that can be said to be the "pioneer" of the above -mentioned crowd.In the trough of the husband and wife relationship, they chose to have a second child, and then found that the husband’s derailment was even more unscrupulous; the family under the cold violence was still like an ice cellar, and she had to use her only warmth to warm.A small life; tears flowing in the process of raising the first child, the bitterness of the swallow, only a lot of the second child …

It is undeniable that children can indeed become a bond of marriage and enhance the stability of a family.However, when we treat our children as a bargaining chip for marriage, the results are often contrary to their wishes.

Many times, we need to return to ourselves in business problems, understand our own personality and personality, and discover the root of some kind of lack of control or out of control in ourselves.Self -growth is the only way to repair marriage.

However, when many people in reality appear, when the marriage problem occurs, they will choose to "take a different approach", have a child, and pin the hope of solving the problem to another life body.As a result, the problem of marriage was not resolved, but he was immersed in guilt of the child, deeper complaining and despair to men, and could not extricate himself.

At this time, some people will say, can’t I pull my child to jump off the building?Some people even, really, took the child to jump off the building.To be honest, seeing such news is uncomfortable every time.The greatest love of a mother should be really strong in their hearts. There can be no culture, no work, and no money, but your heart is strong and brave, which is the ultimate protection of the child.

Facing the problem, it is not too late at any time, but it may be longer to solve the problem.


What does child mean for love and marriage

Everyone knows that children are important in marriage.Because there are no children, they can divorce casually, and the Civil Affairs Bureau will be much faster; because of the children, no matter how can they divorce, even if the marriage is rotten, in the divorce"You must block it.

If you want to ask everyone, what does a child mean for marriage?It is difficult to get consistent answers.

Sina Entertainment: Children mean "love to be successful"

If a pair of men and women have not asked their children for several years, there will be neighborhood neighbors to discuss whether these two people are not affectionate or not.Even if the two people are in good feelings, they will show their affection every day, and some people will say that no matter what is good, it will sooner or later without children -if you do n’t have children, everyone will question the capital of your marriage.

In the past six years, all the public opinion storms experienced by Xie Na and Zhang Jie in the birth of children are actually the social ideology of Chinese society in the issue of "children and marriage", and the most intuitive reflection.

Xie Na once responded in an interview. Why did she have no children when she was married for so long? The answer was: I was too busy, I couldn’t care, she was busy hosting and studying, and Zhang Jie was busy with various concerts.Therefore, in the sequence of their lives, self -improvement and career rise are given priority to giving birth to children.If you are fine, the marriage is just fine. Children, just come at the best moment.

In the end, I wish Xie Na and Zhang Jie start a new journey of life.

I also look forward to seeing you in this article, and have the courage to start your life journey.

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