Yang Liping is too crazy about art.

She is Yang Liping, a person who is good at speaking with limbs.She not only has the dancer "Witch" that comes out of the mountains, but also has the "dance god" in the hearts of East Asian audiences.She has almost reached the realm of art and dance.One of her peacock dances not only fluttering, but also the name of Princess Peacock, but do you know what kind of sadness behind this?

It is understood that Mr. Yang Liping dedicated his life to art.In order to maintain a good figure, there is almost no staple food.Earlier, Teacher Yang Liping and friends gathered for a meal and did not eat staple food. Picking up the rose petals in his hand and sending them in his mouth, the people next to him were stunned.However, this is the lifestyle of Teacher Yang Liping. No one except she has the power to question.

In addition, Mr. Yang Liping always appeared in the public’s field of vision with a long nail image, but then to highlight the beauty of peacock dance, so she insisted on not cutting her fingernails for 40 years, and even spent 200,000 on nails each year.It can be said that Teacher Yang Liping’s understanding of art is indeed a realm that I can never reach the "mortal".

Teacher Yang Liping was born in a Bai family in Dali, Yunnan in 1958. She has loved dance since she was a child. Although she has not undergone any training and learning, she entered the local singing and dance troupe with her own talents.trip.

Teacher Yang Liping performed on stage for the first time at the age of 21 was the song and dance drama "Peacock Dance" and won the first prize of the Yunnan Provincial Performance.

At the age of 22, he became the first domestic dancer in China for his "Peacock Dance".Tao Li Nianhua has achieved this age. In addition to relying on his own talents, of course, it is more of the hard work and sweat.

In addition to a peacock dance very amazing, Mr. Yang Liping also created and danced alone in "Spirit of the Bark", so she became famous.Since then, he has also created a double dance "Two Trees" and performed on the Spring Festival Gala of CCTV, winning the first place in the audience.

Teacher Yang Liping not only has a unique artistic accomplishment in dance, but also the TV series that has been starred in is very stunning.Essence

Of course, for Teacher Yang Liping, dance is what she wants in her life.At the age of 45, Yang Liping chose to retire from the CCTV Song and Dance Troupe, and returned to the big stage of Yunnan. He not only held a large -scale ecological song and dance "Yunnan Image", but also a world tour.

Since then, Mr. Yang Liping has also directed a large -scale original ecological Tibetan song and dancing music "Tibetan Mystery", and created the dance drama "Ambush in Ten Faces" and performed on the stage.

At the age of 60, Mr. Yang Liping also appeared at the Tianjin Grand Theater with "The Winter of the Peacock".In Teacher Yang Liping, not only did he see the spirit of living and learned the old, but also his desire and love for art.But this is how people who are so obsessed with art and dance will also be questioned by the outside world.

I believe that some time ago, Teacher Yang Liping knew that it was the matter of being searched for hot search because of the "no children" by netizens!

Yang Liping also responded to the incident afterwards, and did not deny the point of view of netizens, because everyone’s point of view is different, and dance and art have been integrated into her life for her.And peacock dance is her child, the joy of God.

Every artist or ordinary people have the right to choose her own lifestyle. For Teacher Yang Liping, she came for dance, not in the so -called "child".

Although Teacher Yang Liping has not gotten married and has children, she also has two relationships in her life.At the age of 22, she fell in love with an actor in the singing and dance troupe, but later she broke up when it was not suitable.

At the age of 37, Mr. Yang Liping knew each other with a Chinese American named Liu Chunqing and held a romantic wedding, but the two failed to come together.

Therefore, Teacher Yang Liping’s life has tasted the taste of love, and has experienced the difficulty of wedding life. He has also gained a complete life for her for her poor life.

Teacher Yang Liping, 62, did not retreat in the entertainment industry.However, Teacher Yang Liping’s body is not as good as before. Not only is she thin, she has also been fractured by rehearsing the opera, but even so she is still glowing and insisted on her crutches on stage.

No matter where he showed up, Mr. Yang Liping always wore a special special costume. For art, she really did nothing old and no later.

For Yang Liping’s life, what do you want to say to this old artist?

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