Yang Zhenning’s son is bigger than his wife Weng Fan. Is Weng Fan embarrassed when he sees them?They say that

The master of physics Yang Zhenning was at the age of 82 and registered with 28 -year -old Weng Fan to get married. It is strange that the major domestic media have rarely maintained a very serious reporting angle about the matter. Even Li Ao put away the past poisonous tongue.Represents: This is normal, the wish of any 82 -year -old man.

Weng Fan and Yang Zhenning have always been controversial. The combination of the two can be said to be very sensational, but more than 10 years have passed, and the relationship between the two people is very good.Gradually the outside world has a lot less questioning. Now the 96 -year -old Yang Lao’s body is still tough, and the two are no different from ordinary couples.

Yang Zhenning’s ex -wife is Du Zhili. The two lived for more than half a century. They were Professor Yang’s inner assistance and helper. The two had three sons and one daughter. Before Du Zhili died in the early stage, Yang Zhenning had allocated the property under the name of the name.Essence

Yang Zhenning and Du Zhili had two sons and daughters. In 1951, Yang Guangnuo, the eldest son, was born.Brother Sun Guang has become a computer engineer, and now he is 67 years old. The second son Yang Guangyu is a chemist and is now in his 60s.The younger daughter Yang Youli became a doctor, and the three children are currently settled in the United States.

The current wife, Weng Fan, has broken the world. Although he is not very loving, he has been living in harmony for more than ten years. Weng Fan once said that their husband and wife life is the same as ordinary people.On the ground, it will never be boring between the two people anyway.

The news that has always been pregnant, such as Weng Fan’s pregnancy, will appear across the three differences. To some extent, the society’s concerns about this marriage. In China, a society that emphasizes the passage of preacher.One hidden danger.But neither of them had no children. Yang Zhenning once said on the show that he allowed Weng Fan to marry after his death. The two people are now very good. Perhaps this is a pure love without interests.

So Yang Zhenning’s son is so many years older than Weng Fan. Will Weng Fan feel very embarrassing when he sees them?Once Weng Fan and Yang Zhenning said in an interview that when Yang Zhenning’s sons received the wedding information of his father, they agreed that it was a good thing. At that time, they responded to this matter.Intersection

In addition, Weng Fan’s parents also agreed to be together and respect their daughter’s decision. Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan also chose together. It can be said that age is really not so important in front of marriage.

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