Yao Chen exposed the mansion in the family in the accident!The decoration is exquisite and there are terrace, which is near the lake and the scenery is good

Yao Chen, as a front -line actress with a high national degree, was exposed to the spotlight every move.After having a child, she became very low -key, and she became very low -key, and the frequency of drying the baby was not high, so every time she took out the child’s recent photos, she could attract attention.

In a blink of an eye, Yao Chen’s eldest son "Little Tudou" was 7 years old.

On the evening of July 15th, 40 -year -old Yao Chen posted a set of photos on social media to celebrate the birth of small potatoes, and sent a good wish for his son.

Yao Chen wrote: "My dear Cancer Xiao Nuan, a happy birthday. This is your first birthday with your parents without your parents, but you don’t seem to care." It may be busy work, Yao Chen revealed that he and husbandNone of the 7th birthday at home, fortunately, the child grew up and didn’t care.

As a mother, love children’s heart is always the same.Yao Chen feels that it is not necessarily a bad thing for her son’s birthday to accompany him. She gently said: "This is good. In the future, I hope you don’t need to rely on it, and you can move forward bravely."

In the photo, the 7 -year -old little potato has a handsome facial features and has grown into a handsome guy. When he laughed, he had the shadow of his mother Yao Chen, lively and cute.He was wearing a gray long sleeve top and a pair of plaid pants below. The person seemed to grow tall. I saw him raising his arm happily and was in a good mood.

The photo also unexpectedly exposed Yao Chen’s mansion.From the photos, small potatoes should be located in the living room, and the home is exquisitely decorated.There was a terrace outside the glass door next to him, with a wooden floor with a chair on the terrace, which looked very casual.From the perspective of the terrace, the field of vision is wide, the house is close to the lake, and the vegetation is planted by the lake, and the scenery looks good.

In another photo, the small potato seemed to be standing on the sand near the lake. In the night, he wore a conspicuous white clothes, and the shadow on the ground was long.

Although his parents were not around, the little potato was still happy, but it seemed that he had grown into a sensible little man.In fact, this is also inseparable from her mother Yao Chen’s education.

Although he is usually busy at work, Yao Chen also takes time to accompany the child.In March of this year, she showed a video on social media. In the video, she danced and helped her son to tutor Chinese homework. The little potato seemed to recite poetry. After the back, Yao Chen immediately applauded his son.

She applauded and said, "It’s great to see the potatoes, do you see Xiaocao? Mom just watched you know that you see you see it."Yao Chen’s second -child daughter, Xiao Jasmine, also appeared. She stood by the door with her brother and mother. She had short hair with her bangs and looked very quiet.

Although the nickname is a domineering "Da Yao", Yao Chen is a gentle and good mother when facing the child. The family is really happy.I wish Little Tudou grow up healthy!

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Author: Moxianbao’s Nineteen Generations

Responsible editor: Xiao Zhongshan

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