Yao Chen is cruel enough!I still insist on fitness during pregnancy, and my body is better than before my birth.

Speaking of postpartum recovery, I have to admire Yao Chen.

Yao Chen was born in November 2016. It was surprising that Yao Chen appeared in front of everyone 40 days later.

Yes, you read it right. This is what Yao Chen looks like 40 days after the second child is born. Do you believe it just after giving birth?

Everyone knows that women from pregnancy to breastfeeding will bear a lot of hearts and physical pains, and their figures are almost experienced by every mother.

From a girl with a good figure to a woman who is obese, women are suffering from unknown pressure and pain in both heart and body.

However, I did not expect Yao Chen to recover so fast and so good after giving birth. This is by no means naturally beautiful, but Yao Chen’s efforts behind him.

Gen MOMO learned that Yao Chen loved fitness in daily life, but what he did not expect was that Yao Chen did not stop fitness during pregnancy.From 4 months of pregnancy, we started to work out.At 5 months, the coach formulated a exercise suitable for her, half an hour each time, 3 times a week.

When the "unloading" was successfully "unloaded", Yao Chen’s recovery speed was simply stunned. Everyone came to feel that 10 days after Yao Chen’s delivery, his stomach had been stunned. This recovery speed can only be described as "visible to the naked eye".

Many netizens asked her the secret to recover postpartum recovery. She also told everyone generously that it was because of sports and fitness, which accelerated the metabolism, so she recovered so fast.

In fact, there are no shortage of such examples in the entertainment industry. Xie Na was also fat to 150 pounds because of pregnancy. However, when she was in front of everyone in front of everyone, she was the cute and slender Xie Na. She even exposed the vest line.Essence

Xie Na herself also revealed that she worked to bring her baby during the day and had fitness training at night. She supervised each other with Zhang Jie and persistently exercised in just 3 months.

Whether it is Yao Chen or Xie Na, people who do not know must not see that they are already the mother of two children.

I would like to ask, which woman in the world does not want her body to be better. Whether it is a marriage or a child, it is actually the same. In fact, there is only one way to get better. In fact, this way is simple.It is also simple, and it is difficult to say that it is difficult. The main difficulty is to persist.

And this path is the road where Yao Chen, Xie Na, and many female stars are walking, that is: sports+control diet.

Because of the epidemic, everyone is at home. It is a good opportunity to get fat, but there are many celebrities’ homes. Yang Mi, Chen Shu, etc. are actually thin.Where is it.

If you can’t go out at home, can you only get fat on the bed?Why try to exercise at home and wait for you to wear good -looking clothes when you can go out and make friends surprise. Is it not fragrant?

You will definitely ask how to exercise at home, no one can help me press my legs.Of course, there is a lazy slimming artifact -the newly upgraded four -tube tension rope, you can lose weight at home, so that your home home can be 10 pounds thinner!

Lie on a yoga mat or bed.Step your feet with your feet, hold your handle with both hands, force your abdomen, lift your feet, keep your feet and the ground 90 degrees, and then slowly fall back to the ground, keep 20 actions, 20 in one group, practice 1-2 teams.

For 30 days, the bucket waist also turned into a small waist, the abdomen was firm and flat, and the small belly disappeared.

Lie on a yoga mat or bed.Hold your feet on the tensor, hold your handle with both hands, and take your feet with your feet back straight, keep your core stability, so that your feet are always in the air.Keep 30 actions, 30 in one group, and practice 1-2 groups

This action is very suitable for office workers who have seated for a long time, which can reduce the fat of the hips and thighs well.

For a month, the "big buttocks" are more tight and beautiful, and their legs are long and straight.

The changes in legs can surprise you.

Girls with thick arms look not petite at all, and they are very strong in any clothes, which is basically not related to the word "Little Bird Yiren".If you want to get rid of the clumsy figure, you have to practice this action.

Standing on a yoga mat, or on the ground, step on the tensilers with both feet and hold the handle with both hands.Keep his whole body straight, stretch the tensilers in the direction of the chest with both hands, and then slowly return.Keep 25 actions, 25 in one group, and practice 1-2.

Without three weeks, the thick back and the thick arm are obviously "thin", sleeveless, off -back, and off -the -shoulders, what else do you dare to wear?

The above is aimed at various parts of the body. The next step is amazing. Persevere in practicing and making you lose your body!

Lie on the yoga mat, step on your feet with your feet, and hold your handle with both hands.The whole body is exerting force, and the back and limbs should not be on the ground. Only the hips and yoga mats are in contact.Then start doing the belly, keep 10 actions, 10 in one group, and practice 2-6 groups.

Although this action is tiring to do it, the effect is also a bar. When you can practice, when you can go out and ask friends, she asked you to secretly.

Momo also bought one by himself. I had been putting in time before. As a result, there were more than 20 days of vacation this time. I ca n’t go out. It ’s a pity not to lose weight. Unfortunately!

The quality of this tension rope is very good, and the workmanship is relatively exquisite. When it was just bought, it basically had no smell. The place and the handle of the pedal were wrapped in high -density EVA foam material.And it is not easy to slip/foot when used, and it is not easy to pain/foot pain for a long time.

Its length is about 53 cm, and the stretching can be about 120 cm. Whether you are a little cute or 190cm boys, you can use it.

I bought an upgraded version. There are four latex ropes in total. It is very elastic, but it will not be easily broken. It is the same as the new one for so long.

In this epidemic, there were 10 pounds of fat at home, and they changed from beautiful girls to fat houses.Someone moved quietly at home, and when they could go out, they must be amazing.If you want to be a fat house or a little fairy, you are all in your thoughts ~

Although the price of this tension rope is cheap, it is very practical. It is not hindered to close it in the corner when not in use. When you eat and drink, or take it out when you are bored, you will lose weight without knowing it.Must -have at home ~ Tsimeros are lying on your back and sitting on a thin belly, pulling ropes, pulling ropes, multi -functional fitness band tapers, whole body yoga ¥ 39.9 Buy

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