You can solve your pain during pregnancy without taking medicine!

Beautiful and cute Xiaoyan is pregnant

The family is happy to bloom

甭 甭 甭 甭 甭 甭 甭

But recently

Xiao Yan frowned

It turned out that as the month increased

Recently, pubic and tailbone is always painful

I thought I could come here for a few days

But I haven’t seen it for many days

I can’t stand it

Xiao Yan accompanied by her family

Puyang Maternal and Child Pregnancy Health Clinic

After detailed pelvic assessment

Diagnosis of Ms. Zhang

Pain in the tailplasia of the machine during pregnancy

Then I recommend Xiaoyan to go to pregnant women’s school

Repair the exercise lesson

After a week of sports class training

Xiaoyan feels obvious improvement

Why does the pubic bone pain occur?

Bone quality is usually not changed during pregnancy. When the number of pregnancy is too large, too dense, and do not pay attention to supplement vitamin D and calcium, it causes osteoporosis, which causes pain in the pubic tail.

At the same time, the placenta secretion can relax the pelvic ligament and inter -vertebral joints and ligaments, causing pregnant women’s lumbosacral and limb pain and discomfort.

Also, tell you secretly

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are more than that


You can happy mood during pregnancy and release bad mood during pregnancy.


Target various discomfort during pregnancy.Such as: leg pain, back pain, pubic pain, buttocks, etc.


Increase the blood circulation of the body, increase the oxygen supply of the placenta, and promote the physical and mental development of the fetus.


Consume excess energy, promote weight management during pregnancy, and maintain good health.


Exercise the joints and various parts of the body, increase the endurance, flexibility, the flexibility of the body, the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscle, reduce negative effects, and promote natural delivery.


Promote rapid recovery of postpartum.

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Answer the doubts during the entire pregnancy

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Guarantee you to spend the entire pregnancy safely and smoothly

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