You can test whether you are pregnant a few days after ovulation, maybe these three "reactions" can tell you the answer

I believe that everyone knows about ovulation. Every woman will have ovulation, and it will be available in the moon, but each time can only be excreted 1-2 eggs. ThereforeI want to conceive my child next month.So, a few days after ovulation can be measured? Perhaps these three reactions can tell you.

In fact, in general, you can detect whether you are pregnant within one week after ovulation.However, because your personal constitution is also very different, there will be some differences when using some detection methods, resulting in some deviations.Therefore, you should try to extend the test time as much as possible.If you want to be more accurate, you better wait until ten days.Because your egg takes a week, you can go to bed.After bed, the fluffy glands are promoted.

1. Soft breasts

After the fertilized eggs are in bed, the body will secrete a large amount of estrogen, and women’s breasts will develop. At this time, you may feel your breast tingling, soft and swollen. After your body adapts to a large number of hormones, this kind of pain will be in pain.It will fade, and your breasts will not feel uncomfortable anymore.

2. Frequent toilet

After the fertilized eggs are bed in the uterine wall, the choric membrane promotes gonadotropin (HCG).This hormone can stimulate the urine in the bladder, so you will frequently want to go to the toilet. If you usually have symptoms of frequent urination, and this happens, you must consider whether you have fertilized eggs.

3. Do not come to menstruation

Menalizing menstruation is the earliest and most important signal of conception. If the usual menstrual cycle is normal, but the menstrual period delayed for more than 10 days after a person -made activity, it should be considered as the possibility of successful pregnancy in bed.

If a pregnant woman has the above three reactions, it is necessary to check whether pregnancy in time. Once you are pregnant, you need to take a regular check -up and do a good job of pregnancy to prevent the fetus from accidents.Here I wish the majority of pregnant women can get pregnant as soon as possible.

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