You don’t have to go out to eat rice noodles, you can do it at home, the taste is more suitable, and the cleanliness is saving money.

You don’t have to go out to eat rice noodles, you can do it at home, the taste is more suitable, and the cleanliness is saving money.

When it comes to Mi Wheel, I believe everyone is no stranger. The rice noodles originated from Yunnan and one of the famous food in Yunnan. In each prefecture, or even every county in Yunnan, the taste of rice noodles is different.Bridge rice noodles, as well as various small pot rice noodles, braised chicken noodles, stewed rice noodles, cold rice noodles, and so on.

Now this kind of food has spread all over the country, and everyone’s preference for the rice noodles is different. There are also many places that have more local people’s eating habits to evolve the rice noodles that are more suitable for locals.Small restaurants who eat rice noodles are always crowded.

In fact, our family likes to eat rice noodles, especially children. The children are already in their ten years. I always like to eat foods such as fried chicken, rice noodles, potato flour, etc. I always control him. After all, food outsideIf you do n’t see the source, you still eat less. The child will do it for him at home. This is more assured. Today, I will teach you to make a sour tomb noodle.Debug, do two strokes.

[Dishes]: Sour Tomi Noodles

[Cooking ingredients]: A moderate amount of rice noodles, appropriate amount of green onion and garlic, one spoon of pepper powder, one spoon of white sesame, two spoons of raw pumps, three spoons of vinegar, one spoon of sugar for one spoon of salt, a little peanut rice.

【Cooking steps】:

1. Prepare all the ingredients you need to use, first adjust a bowl, add green onion garlic, white sesame and pepper powder to the hot and sour juice bowl. You can add it appropriately according to your own taste.

2. Expand adding an appropriate amount of edible oil, heat the oil temperature, and reaches 80 % of the heat, splash thermal oil into the bowl of hot oil, which can stimulate the flavor of the seasoning.

3. Continue two spoons of raw soy sauce and three spoons of vinegar in the bowl.

4. Continue to add half a spoonful of salt and half a spoonful of sugar.

5. The rice noodle is a semi -finished product bought. Open the packaging directly and cook in boiling water. It takes about 10 minutes to cook.

6. The cooking rice noodles are removed and drained into the sour soup that I just made, then the water of the rice noodles is boiled, and then add the rice bowl in.

7. Fry the peanut rice in advance. If it is troublesome, you can also buy fried peanut rice directly.

8. The fried peanut rice is placed directly into the bowl, and it can be paved on the rice noodles. A bowl of delicious sour soup rice noodles are ready.Save half of the price, the partners who love to eat rice noodles hurry up and try it.

【Cooking Tips】:

1. The rice noodles are semi -finished products. You can buy in the supermarket. Open the packaging and remove the rice noodles, soak it in cold water for a while, and then cook it.

2. The amount of all seasonings, everyone can add appropriately according to their own taste. If you like it, you can add sesame oil pepper.

3. Don’t omit the peanut rice. You must not make the rice noodles without the peanut rice. You can cook the peanut rice in advance, and then put it in the good rice noodles. If you feel trouble, you can buy the fried peanut rice.Essence

4. This homemade sour soup rice noodles are simple and fast, and the taste is hot and sour. The cost is low. It has a bowl of more than a dozen dollars a bowl of ten dollars. The sour soup rice noodles are made by themselves. The cost is less than 5 yuan.

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