You must know these things before getting your teeth

Many people think that tooth extraction is easy

Only the dentist knows

How tested this time to tested the technology in this minute

Most tooth extraction complications need to be cautious surgery

Tooth extraction is a very common item in the dental department, but some details before and after the extraction cannot be ignored. This is related to whether tooth extraction will cause danger. Those who want to extract must pay attention and caution.

How much do you know?

(1) Floating cannot be extracted

Before you extraction, you should clearly tell the doctor that his current situation and mental state should be clearly told. Do not empty the stomach. It is prone to anesthesia and surgical complications.To achieve spiritual relaxation, strengthen self -confidence, and maintain emotional stability.

(2) Hypertension, diabetes, etc.

If you have the above diseases, it may cause serious complications or even life. It is recommended to use the disease to effectively control the diseases of the system.

Patients with severe cardiovascular diseases, hypertension> 180/100mmHg and empty blood sugar> 8.88mol/L are taboo taboos.

The best time to extraction should be selected in the morning as much as possible. At this time, the restaurant is sufficient, the best drug effect, and the abundant postoperative observation time.

Hematopoietic system disease (blood disease)

Such as patients with anemia, hemophilia, and primary platelets reduce purpura, have obstacles in the coagulation function in the body, and it is difficult to bleed after bleeding during gum surgery, and even endanger life.

For patients with acute leukemia, taboo taboos; if chronic patients need to extract tooth extraction, they cooperate with specialists and prevent infection and bleeding.

Women in physiological and pregnancy

In principle, women in the physiological period should avoid tooth extraction, but to remove teeth that have caused pain and unbearable pain during the physiological period, it must be regulated to reduce bleeding.

The clinical practice of tooth extraction during pregnancy needs to be extraordinary. It shows that tooth extraction is safer in the 4th, 5th, and 6th months of pregnancy.

Liver and kidney disease

For example, acute hepatitis and cirrhosis, due to poor liver function, the content of coagoinogenic and fibrinogen that participated in the coagulation process is reduced, and there is a tendency to bleed.

In addition, in the time of tooth extraction, for normal people, there is no difference in the morning and afternoon.Patients with malignant tumors should avoid tooth extraction; after severe exercise and tiredness, they should not be extracted after drinking.

Precautions for diet before extraction

Can I eat it before my tooth extraction?


You can eat a little bit before extraction, especially those who get teeth in the morning. Breakfast needs to be eaten. Tooth extraction should not be empty. After eating breakfast for about an hour, you can get tooth extraction.

Pay attention to the diet before extraction:

You need to eat before extraction, and it is easy to cause syncope too little, because in the process of getting anesthesia and tooth extraction, if the blood sugar is too low, it is easy to cause the symptoms of syncope.In severe cases, there will be obvious unclear systemic discomfort such as unclear consciousness.

But it is not advisable to eat too much, let alone eat too greasy foods, and ensure proper drinking water.Eating too little resistance is poor. If you eat too much, you may feel nauseous during the tooth extraction process, causing vomiting.

Precautions after extraction

The end of the tooth extraction does not mean that the problem in the mouth is also over.The most prone to bleeding and infection after tooth extraction, so many details need to be understood and mastered:

(1) Do not rinse and eat within 2 hours

Do not rinse your mouth or eat within 2 hours after your tooth extraction, do not lick the wound with your tongue, or touch the wound with your fingers, so as not to cause bleeding or secondary infection again.

(2) Bite cotton ball or gauze ball

Bite cotton balls or gauze balls to stop bleeding.Too much force will hurt very much; it is too light or too short is not conducive to the hemostasis; the time is too long, and the saliva is easy to be infected after the saliva is soaked in cotton yarn.

Therefore, it is best to bite lightly for 30-40 minutes before spit out.

(3) Talk less and rest more

Tooth extraction is a trauma surgery. After surgery, pay attention to rest, talk less, do not do severe exercise or hard work, do not smoke or drink, so as not to aggravate pain and prolong the healing period of the wound.

(4) Avoid brushing on the day of tooth extraction

Avoid brushing your teeth on the day of the tooth extraction, so as not to bleed the coagulated wound again. You can rinse your mouth with mild mouthwash or light salt water.

At the same time, avoid eating or too hard and spicy foods. You can eat more fruit juice or fruit puree rich in vitamin to supplement nutrition and promote wound healing.

There is a slight pain within 24 hours after the tooth extraction. It is normal for the mixed pink blood or blood wire in the spit saliva. It can take an appropriate amount of anti -inflammatory analgesic drugs under the guidance of the doctor.

But it is worth noting that pain and bleeding should be lighter and less.If there are continuous bleeding or pain in a few days, or even obvious symptoms such as dizziness and panic, you should go to the hospital to retract immediately, and it should be treated in time after finding the cause.

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