You need to pay attention to these 20 matters, do you know?

This is the hamster I have raised for half a year.

Once when I was shopping in a certain treasure, I saw the hamster and felt very cute. I decided to buy one back to raise it. Later, I felt that it would be lonely to buy one hamster. Finally, I decided to buy two.

This is when they first bought it, they are small and very cute.

This is a small hamster that has been raised for a long time, fat and fat ~

Sleeping photos of the hamsters, hahaha

When you raise hamsters, you must pay attention to the following 20 important matters:

(1) It is forbidden to feed people to eat food. If the salt is too high, and the seasoning is too heavy, it will increase the burden on the body.Especially foods such as snacks.But it can be fed without processing rough grains, and corn and barley can be fed.

(2) It is forbidden to directly contact the sun. The rats are very afraid of heat. Summer is here. Please use the heat sink or marble to cool down the heat for them.

(3) If it is not necessary, it is forbidden to wash the hamster to catch a cold. If it is serious, it may die.

(4) Please understand the variety of hamsters at home. In addition to the in -laws, hamsters are prohibited from raising cages. If the in -laws are not harmonious, they must also be raised in cage.

(5) If you have no psychological preparation or financial ability, do not raise the mouse and male mouse in cage.

(6) It is forbidden to use bamboo chopsticks, sticks and other things to let the rats grind their teeth. Please use the molar supplies and feeds specially used on the market.

(7) It is forbidden to use unknown feed, insects or mildew, please discard, do not feed!

(8) It is forbidden to use newspapers, noodle paper, etc. as cushions.There are too many newspaper ink, and the paper contains bleach.

(9) It is forbidden to raise the rats in a small space. The space must be at least rolling wheels, water bottles, small nests (except bears) and other supplies.

(10) It is forbidden to raise hamsters in the air -conditioned room to avoid harming their health.

(11) After the mouse is preparing to be pregnant to the end of the breastfeeding period, it can supplement the intake of animal protein and prepare for production & childcare to reserve physical strength.Give up childcare or eat your baby.

(12) The mouse mother can conceive again after delivery. Without a full rest stage, she will become pregnant again. It is very hurt to the mother and rats, so the male mouse must be isolated before production.

(13) If you want to control the number of hamsters, you must do it with the foundation of the male and female cage.Otherwise, the breeding ability of hamsters will make you caught off guard.

(14) Spring & Autumn is the most suitable season for reproduction, because the climate is comfortable at this time.If you are in summer or winter, you must pay attention to temperature control.

(15) Don’t be too much to produce the possibility of the baby’s mouse that is not forgotten in the nest.

(16) Don’t be too small in the nursery room space. When supplementing food & water, it is easy to surprise the mouse.

(17) Rolling wheels, some rat friends feel that the rolling wheels are going out, so as not to play with the mother and mice without taking care of the babies.But the board owner feels that the roller can relieve the pressure of the mouse and the nervousness.

(18) Xiaowo, choose a deeper container to prevent the mouse and baby from slipping out of the street.Choose a container with good perspective, which can facilitate peeking.However, some mice will find another place to build a nest.

(19) Because the hamster has no physical strength, all the facilities in the cage are best placed on the plane (such as: food basin), so as not to let the mouse climb up and down.

(20) It is forbidden to allow the rats to drink raw water. Please allow them to drink boiled cold water, or mineral water and pure water.

In order to be able to raise hamsters, mouse friends must know the above 20 precautions!Hurry up!

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