You will find from the hamster pregnancy and child.

The little hamster presented by his son and classmate has been in my house for more than two months.It became round, unscrupulous, and unscrupulous from the initial timidity, timidity, cautiousness, and being cautious.It has been here for a long time, and it seems to be here as its own home.I caught in my hand when I was eating, and I continued to be fast; I could sleep in the day when I was lazy in the day to find a place.I don’t know the nature of its nightlife animals.Fortunately, it never runs around, even if it occasionally goes out and bends, it will return to the cage quickly.

As the saying goes, long -term love.The wife fed it every day, cleaned it up, replaced the wood chips, and took a regular bath for it, and gradually fell in love with it.This little guy is not afraid of people or bite people casually, and his wife holds it in his hands every day. He shouted it with "fat" and "fat". After a long time, it readily accepted the name.When others call it "fat", it will look back lazily.

One day, his wife squatted aside and was unhappy, and the lonely look made people feel sympathetic.I decided to buy another one to accompany it.On December 24 last year, smaller hamsters came to our house.

This is a mouse.When we first arrived in our house, we should have just weaned. It was a look at it and looked at it. It was very vigilant and strong in danger, just like the fat at the beginning.It seems that rats are not very good at eating. When they see fat and eat, they climb over and grab, but they do n’t eat them.Sometimes I ignore it, and sometimes lay down to "pretend", let it grab the food from my mouth smoothly.The wife watched it very strong, bullying fat, and didn’t like it a little.

On one occasion, his wife wanted to catch it to clean up the hygiene in the cage, but it was bitten by the left and right bite.Seeing the bleeding from his wife’s hand, I was very angry, thinking of its strength, and said, "You actually dare to bite people, kill you," and picked up a grinding stick to hit it.Maybe it was too hard, maybe it was hit on its head.I feel a little guilty, worrying that it really appears.Fortunately, after about three or five minutes, it woke up and returned to normal.

This little hamster was named "Doudou" by his wife.After I hit it, Doudou became a lot more docile.But it still grabbing food with fat.In most cases, it was lying on his body and snatched rats from his mouth, without complaints.After a few days, the fat was obviously thinner, but Doudou became more obese.For this reason, his wife often grabs the cage and feeds it alone.The fat fat tastes tasteful, and the speed of melon seeds is faster than people.After eating full, enter the cage, and spit out the sunflower seeds one by one to let the bean be eaten.No wonder Doudou is getting fatter, but fat is getting thinner!

A few days later, Doudou’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, and the breasts were developing.My wife told me with a smile that she couldn’t get pregnant.I didn’t believe it at first, grabbed Doudou, and found that it really seemed to have a small life in the stomach.Let your wife take more care of Doudou.On the night of January 31st, the door that was bitten was biting the cage, and it made a sound all night, which was different from Chang.I looked at it in the middle of the night. At first, I didn’t find abnormalities. Later, I saw that there were a few small meats around Doudou. Take a closer look, it was really Doudou gave birth to a child!

I immediately called my wife.The wife was very excited when she saw it.We checked it, Doudou gave birth to a total of 10 hamsters.They are as small as peanuts, red red, and both eyes and mouth are still small black spots, and there is no trace of hair on their body.The wife loved them very much, paved thick wood chips, and added more delicious rats to Doudou.Seeing that Doudou was happy next to the lunch box, and the fat on the side squatted there and didn’t grab food, we all laughed.

Doudou gave birth to a child, and his wife was worried that fat accidentally pressed the little guy, so he placed the fat in another cage.As a result, the fatty fat was not dry, and he was biting, and his mood was very excited and angry.Looking at it in a hurry, I took it out of the ground, and the fat immediately ran to the original cage. The iron railing kissed the Doudou inside.We were embarrassed to look at it.Open the small door of the cage, and jump in.After entering the cage, the fat became docile, gently climbed to Doudou, and sorted out the hair with the mouth with his mouth.He also pressed a little hamster that ran out and pressed it under himself and warm it.

In those days, fat never grabbed Doudou.When his wife feeds rats, fat always squats aside and watchs Doudou eat.After Doudou was full, it would climb to eat the disabled.Fat also torn the toilet paper and pressed it on Doudou, for fear that Doudou would be cold. It was lying next to Doudou every day and cared for her wife.Sometimes after Doudou left the nest, he climbed in fat, licking a little guy one by one.Hearing the call of the little guy "叫", he could see a different light in the eyes of fat.

In the past few days when feeding and observing the fat and Doudou family, I have a deep touch: the affection and love owned by humans, hamsters also have, and it is not worse than human affection and love!

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