Zhang Dayi is pregnant?Danic acid provoked the original match, the president’s wife’s Weibo was deleted too sadly

In reality, there are really many incidents of the original partner to tear Xiaosan. However, what I did not expect was that the wife of the giants couldn’t help anger, and tore up Xiao San to make netizens see it.

On April 17, a netizen named "Huahua Dong Huahua" suddenly posted on social platforms frequently posting Aite’s celebrity celebrity Zhang Diyi to publicly maintain his marriage.

At the beginning, this netizen sent a piece "I will not be polite to provoke my husband again, and the old lady is not easy to mess with." Later, she posted that her comments were closed. I don’t know if Zhang Dayi could see if Zhang Dayi could see whether, But later deleted this news.

With the netizens’ picked skin, I found that the identity of the netizen who opened Zhang Dayi was not simple. It was actually the wife of Jiang Fan, the current president of an e -commerce company, and was definitely a grand wife.

From her usual life, it can be seen that everyday leisurely, from cooking, jewelry to clothing all kinds of courses, even her herself claims to be "rich and rich in the world", showing the superiority and happiness of lifeEssence

Unexpectedly, Zhang Diyi, who was now regarded as an online warning, seemed to be touched to the inverse scale.But just before the incident happened, netizens found that the relevant reports evaporated, and the social platform of the wealthy wife was gone, which made many people feel that the plot in the novel finally became reality.

This also gave netizens a unlimited inquiry about this matter, and began to peel the relationship between the three people.Some netizens found Zhang Dayi’s trumpet, and found that when a fan asked her at the end of March, she asked her if she was planning to have a baby. Zhang Dayi responded quickly and would immediately give birth. It seemed that she accidentally exposed the news of her pregnancy.

The meat on the stomach seemed to be explaining what the belly was, but some netizens said that it was Zhang Dayi’s joke, and it was not true.

But immediately a netizen picked up the picture that Zhang Dayi once exposed. There is something called folic acid in the product, which is eaten by pregnant women. Now it ’s a coincidence.

In addition, some netizens have exposed the owner of the president’s wife who attended the cooking class, and it is also a well -known local junior.

From this point of view, the president’s wife is really a crisis. For the current president, netizens also seemed to feel through their minds, saying that it may be Zhang Dayi’s initiative, and then the president has the intention to promote the unfair relationship.Otherwise, the President’s wife does not need to be a single shot, and it is not easy to handle it to her husband.

According to netizens, it is not easy for the president’s wife to marry into the giants. In 13 years, the eldest son did not have a wedding at the time. The wedding only held in 15 years. In 18 years, he produced a daughter in a caesarean section in Hong Kong.

For less than two years, it has been caught in a marriage crisis, but some netizens have seen the problem of blood points. Except for her husband and life, Hao Tai has no career, no work partner, and no social resources.Once divorce is miserable.

It is possible that Hao Tai also realized that she had only loved and shared before, and her paintings have changed recently. They are becoming more and more like a career like Zhang Dayi, and they are also ready to build herself and be independent brands.

At the end of 19 years, with the support of her husband and family, she went to Shanghai to study GIA’s jewelry design courses and started a busy study.

Social platforms have also begun to share VLOGs of their own exercise and food. There are still some daily wear. It seems that I want to cultivate myself into a new net red’s intention.

I finally launched my first design in the past two days. It seems that it is pretty good, and I said that I will take my time in the future.

Before she was successful, there was a rival in her feelings and things, which was too difficult, but such a wave of anger also made many people know this giants and got a lot of praise.

In fact, as early as 2 months ago, there was a headless trumpet exposed Zhang Dayi to do a small three, and Aite also had many stars.

At present, the president’s wife has scolded Zhang Dayi’s Weibo and has been deleted. Some netizens said that the platform was restricted by the stream, and it was not my own operation.As for whether I deleted it or the platform, only the parties knew it.

However, the truth is the truth, no one can conclude, and it may be an oolong game in the end.Still waiting for subsequent development.

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