Zhang Weili: Eating, sleeping, training, welcome the defending battle

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 12th: Zhang Weili: Eating, sleeping, training, welcome the defending battle

Xinhua News Agency reporters Dong Yixing and Lu Yuchen

For more than a month, the current women’s grassweight champion and Chinese star Zhang Weili will usher in the first defending battle after the current women’s grassweight champion and Chinese star Zhang Weili -will play in the UFC292 game in Boston, USADa Lemos.Zhang Weili said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency that she was very fully prepared in any opponent.

100%focused defending battle

In November last year, Zhang Weili’s naked twist ended the grassweight champion Kara Espaza to seize the golden belt.Since then, she attended the event, interviewed, recording variety shows, filming advertisements, boarding the cover of magazines, and enjoying a short and rare holiday.In March of this year, Zhang Weili went to Thailand to restore high -intensity training to prepare for the next game.

"My life here is very simple. I am eating, sleeping, and training every day. This is really the case. I feel pretty good to focus on doing these things every day." Zhang Weili said.

Soon, UFC finalized the Brazilian Lemos challenged Zhang Weili’s golden belt.The 35 -year -old Leimos ranks fourth in women’s grassweights, with a career record of 13 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw, of which 8 KO (knocking) and 3 subdue opponents.Leimos is long -lasting with sharp strike ability, fast speed, strong power, strong explosive power, and also has good ground ability.She tended to make a quick decision in the game and is an opponent who cannot be underestimated.

Zhang Weili has a full understanding and recognition of Lemos: "Lemos is a very comprehensive opponent. I watched her game before she entered the first 15th. At that time, I felt that she would definitely play.I feel faintly feeling that we will play a game someday in the future. I didn’t expect it to come. This should be a fierce battle. "

"In the top few players, everyone is a ‘monster’, and each player is very threatening. You need to take 100%seriously, 100%focus to welcome the enemy, and you cannot be distracted at all."

Zhang Weili’s preparation in Thailand has always been based on the foundation, focused on making up for her shortcomings, and was fully prepared in wrestling, standing, ground and other aspects.A few days ago, she had gone to the UFC Elite Training Center in Las Vegas, USA to meet with her Jiu -Jitsu coaches and new standing coaches. In the nearly six weeks, more tactical tacticals for the competition on August 19thSimulation training.

"I am in good condition now, very relaxed, just focus on things in front of me, every day, every lesson. I feel that when I feel good, my body is good, and I feel good when my body is good."

During the training, I am doing my best and calm in my mentality. This may be the best description of Zhang Weili at the moment.When he learned that he would face Leimos, Zhang Weili, 32, said that she was "calm and not particularly excited."

"Actually, I don’t have pressure now. The mentality of the defenders is completely different from the challenger. I especially understand what the mentality of being a challenger is, because I am a challenger before. (But now) I will take myself myself myselfAs a challenger, I challenge myself. When you really put all your energy on yourself, you will feel very happy, easy, and more efficient. "

The "China Derby", which is looking forward to

In the UFC288 game, Chinese women’s grassweight player Yan Xiaonan’s first round TKO (technical knock) Jessica Andrad.After winning, she said in the octagonal cage that she hoped that UFC could arrange "China Derby" to let her challenge the current grassweight champion Zhang Weili.

After the game, Yan Xiaonan’s ranking came to the third level.Due to the first -ranking Espaza’s pregnancy, Ross Namalianas, who ranked second, was promoted to flies, followed by Yan Xiaonan and Lemos became the most powerful challengers in the golden belt.But for various reasons, Zhang Weili’s defending battle did not become a "China Derby" as the majority of Chinese boxing fans expect.

Zhang Weili admitted that she had not had too much communication with Yan Xiaonan. The subsequent game also depends on the results of the defending battle and the official arrangement, but she felt that "it is possible to see this game."

After winning the grassweight gold belt in August 2019 in Shenzhen in August 2019, Zhang Weili has not been able to return to the country to play in China.Counting the defending battle in this game, except for UFC275 landing in Singapore, the remaining five games were held in the United States, allowing Zhang Weili to face the influence of away games.

Although she has broken through herself and is no longer plagued by the outside environment, Zhang Weili still hopes to play a game in China."The state of playing in China is very good, everyone cheers me. I especially hope that I can play in front of China’s" fans "."

In May this year, the UFC event returned to China for the first time since 2019.At present, in addition to Zhang Weili and Yan Xiaonan in the UFC array, Song Yadong, Li Jingliang and Sumidarki are also famous in their respective magnitude; Li Kaen, Yiza, and Maozhu also performed well in the UFC elite road competition, for UFC, UFCThe formal contract strives.With the continuous growth of the Chinese legion in the UFC lineup, the "China Derby" at the door of the Chinese boxing fans may be just around the corner.

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