Zhao Benshan’s daughter is pregnant in March!The baby’s B ultrasound is excited, and the exposure of pregnancy is seriously vomiting

On July 17, Zhao Benshan’s 26 -year -old daughter’s ball (Zhao Jiaxuan) showed a video, shared his experience in the hospital for a birth check, and also showed the baby’s B -ultrasound, and won the blessings of countless netizens.

In the video, the ball is wearing loose clothing, stepping on a pair of slippers and going to the hospital for a checkup.Because her face began to swell, she leaned on her husband coquettishly and said "I am swollen". In this regard, her husband comforted "not swollen", and the relationship between the husband and wife was quite good.

Because the hospital did not let the shooting, the ball was dictated after returning home at the end of the birth check.According to the ball, she lined up in the hospital for a long time. The results of the NT examination were 0.13 mm. As for the remaining test results, it would take 7 days to come out.

Subsequently, the ball also exposed the baby’s B -ultrasound for the first time.In the photo, there are only a small group of babies for more than 3 months, but their heads and limbs have grown, and they look very well lying in her mother’s belly.The ball also sighed in a excited tone that the head of the small ball was really big, and the joy of the first mother was overflowing.

It is reported that the ball announced the dissolution of the company not long ago, which also reduced the number of live broadcasts, which surprised fans.Because it was too sudden, many people also doubted whether there was a problem with the feelings of the ball and her husband. Even on the Internet, there were rumors that the ball was deceived by her husband.

But in fact, the ball and husband feelings and affection, and some reason is because she is pregnant.

It is understood that last month, the ball found that her body was not very good. With the reminder of the fans, she went to the obstetrics and gynecology department to check and found that she was really pregnant.She learned that the news was very anxious. In her opinion, she hadn’t grown up, so she didn’t know how to be a mother, but under the consolation of relatives and friends, her emotions gradually stabilized.

It was just that her pregnancy response was particularly large, feeling back pain, leg pain, madly wanted to vomit, and live broadcast needed to stay up late, and it was difficult to sleep well for a few days, and it hurt her body very much, so she decided to reduce the live broadcast.

In the camera, she looks a lot more plump, but because the baby’s month is still small, the pregnant belly is not obvious.

Speaking of which, the ball and her husband have been in love with a blind date for at least 2 years. This year Valentine’s Day has just received a certificate.

Although she did not have a wedding, she held a thank -you feast not long ago. At that time, her twin brother Zhao Yinan, and her mother also sent a blessing on the stage, making her tears excitedly.

For the ball, she is about to enter a new stage of her life. No matter how she wants her baby to be born smoothly, and also wish their family more and more happy!

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