Zheng Jiaying’s wife is not easy to be pregnant!Self -exposure is prone to migraine, and the pregnant belly does fitness relieving pain

Zheng Jiaying released her old age when she was old. After her wife was pregnant with the good news of her second child, Chen Kailin, who had no need to conceal the news, began to share her daily pregnancy with everyone. She seemed to be very difficult for her second child.

On May 29th, Chen Kailin updated a video of his fitness on social networking sites. He was particularly easy to migraine during his pregnancy. He tried massage and acupuncture and even took painkillers.Fitness exercise to reinforce muscles to soothe strain. After a few Pilate classes, I feel much better.

In the video, Chen Kailin, wearing a loose sportswear with high ponytails, was pregnant, but her limbs were still very slender, and her face was not much meat. However, her raised belly was still pregnant.Sports, some of the actions with relatively large magnitude still seem to be a little worried.

Some media speculated that she should have been pregnant for 5 months.

Because some of her movements still pressed the abdomen, her legs were suspended, and her elbow supported flat support seemed to be extraordinarily attentive. Some netizens left a message in the comment area for her to pay attention to safety, but when she was practicingAssist in guidance to support her lower abdomen to increase the safety factor.

Chen Kailin’s posture is very standard, meticulous to complete various stretching movements, and slowly exhale with the rhythm. As long as she has a more dangerous direct contact with the instrument, the coach will help with their hands as a buffer.

On May 20th, Zheng Jiaying announced on her social account that his wife was pregnant with a second child. One sentence "Rafa will soon be a big brother", which shows his excitement.

In addition, in that day of showing affection, he did not forget the big family portrait of the whole family portrait and the couple of the pictorial.

In the photo, Chen Kailin was wearing a high -waisted floral skirt, sometimes lying on Zheng Jiaying’s shoulder, watching his son laughing brilliantly, and sometimes he could feel a strong love with her husband on the screen.She stood on the side and looked thicker than usual. The lower abdomen was more prominent, and her lower body was fat.Chen Kailin, who has always paid attention to his body management, should have been announced for three months.

In 2018, Zheng Jiaying married Chen Kailin, who was 22 -year -old. In February 2019, he had the first love crystal son, Rafael.

At the beginning of 2020, Chen Kailin revealed in an interview that she and Zheng Jiaying planned to have more children in the year. Ideally, 2 to 3 babies did not want the children to be too far away.Character.

Nowadays, Chen Kailin and Zheng Jiaying’s planning plan have been successfully realized. As a pregnant mother’s sacrifice and the adverse reactions that they suffer, it is a sweet burden. I hope that Chen Kailin can relieve the pain of the disease through exercise and fitness, and successfully realize the desire to have a daughter!

“”,”Zheng Jiaying is dad again”,”star second child”

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