Zhou Gong interprets dreams: What does it mean to dream of killing yourself

What does it mean to dream of killing yourself

Dreaming of yourself killing in jail

It indicates that there will be no time to come to the door, and it is recommended that you make preparations for the guests in advance.

Single person dreams of killing himself in jail

It indicates that love fortunes are average. You need to grasp and cherish it well, but the fortune is not good, you must not gamble.

Middle -aged and elderly people dream of killing themselves in jail

It indicates that the recent fortunes are uncertain, but to hold it well, otherwise it will be difficult to turn over.

Dreaming of killing, there are too many enemies.Dreaming of killing the enemy, the power of the enemy will be strengthened.Dreaming of killing his loved ones can inherit the inheritance.A woman dreamed of being killed by her husband, and the couple would be happy and happy.Dreaming of being hurt by people who do not know, they will be strong and longevity.Dreaming that someone wants to assassinate himself, the murderer will become heir.Dreaming that he was charged with the crime of killing himself, he would be famous in the world.

The most famous Chinese celebrities in the dream are Cao Cao. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms describes this: Cao Cao is suspicious, and often fears that others will hurt him secretly.You should not be near. "One day, Cao Cao went to the account day, and when he turned over, he was fell on the ground. As soon as he was near, he picked up and was covered.I woke up for a while, and surprised: "Who killed me to wait?" The other recent servants told each other.Everyone thought that Cao Cao’s true dreams were killed in the dream of true dreams, but the meaning of the military master Yang Xiuming and Cao Cao said, "The prime minister is not in the dream, but is waiting in the dream." Because Cao Cao in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a negative role, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, soThe article is a camouflage with Cao Cao’s dream, but in reality, many people have actually dreamed of murder. If this person has a sleepwalking experience, you guess Cao Cao will be a real dream killing?

The person who killed in the dream is the person you don’t like.

In fact, many people will dream that they have killed people who have just quarreled, and they are not good for themselves, or their families, friends or colleagues or acquaintances, or have tangled strangers.When I think about it, I think the other party’s starting point is still good for himself. For example, strict boss and severe family members, but the dream is so directly killed the other party.If this kind of person is killed in the dream, the disadvantage of escaping in the dream, then this dream indicates that in reality is actually a very easy and negative person.The cause of risks is also unspeakable.Habitat and cautious, and pay attention to details, but the courage and forward -looking are really less.In the general saying, it is indeed under great pressure in the near future.If the person who killed himself in the dream but did not blindly escape behind the dream, then this dream indicates that in reality, the person with a decisive heart and a high IQ is a bit bad, and it is easy to do things.But if you go to an enterprise, you can generally give the results that others cannot expect.There is a special case that the dreamer is particularly needed, that is, the dreamer is actually a murderous heart. He previewed it in the dream. No matter what the results in the dream, in fact, he reminded himself to face it carefully and let go of the murder.Because no matter how high the case breaks in reality, as long as you kill people in reality, you will basically finish it in this life, because no matter whether it is a continuous nightmare, a prison, or a bullet punishment, it is easy to get the life of life.It is a devastating result.

The person who killed in the dream is the person you like.

Is there such a situation? There is really! Chen Peng interpreted a dream and met a newlywed wife to find me, saying that he dreamed of accidentally killing his husband at night.In fact, in reality, she and her husband are quite loving. They have never blushed and did not fight. They were married during love. When did they still discuss when they had to be a child.Chen Peng interprets your dreams telling you that when he loves to a certain stage, he will be afraid of losing, and it is often easy to show this loss result in the dream. For example, many mothers often dream of their children.He killed her husband with his own hands. Chen Peng interpreted the dream that in fact, the killing in the dream was completely an unintentional killing, called mistakes.However, Chen Peng’s dream interpretation must be explained, because a long time ago, there was a news that Chen Peng interpreted his dreams. One of the spirits he described can be said to be a perverted person.They are all made into specimens.Therefore, usually the person you like in the dream is because he is afraid that some of your habits will hurt the person you like.

The dream was killed by a stranger.

Some people watch the violent lens before going to bed. It is easy to cause this dream. It can also be said that it is because the large number of slaughter in film and television works by positive propaganda is also a cause of killing in the dream.In the series, those protagonists can be said to be murderer, and the audience can see it.From the perspective of dream interpretation, Chen Peng interprets your dreams telling you that most of the dreams of killing strangers in dreams are actually expressiveness, that is, if people who do this dream will meet noble people, or in front of acquaintances, he must be that he must be in front of acquaintances.Very active Lord.But emotionalization is also inevitable to lead to high and low life.If the strangers are killed in the dream and then escaped, then the dream foreshadow is that the recent unsatisfactory, all kinds of depression.Because hate dare not have a clear goal, then the breakthrough of the problem is also no goal.

The ghosts were killed in the dream.

Is the ghost and god a human? Okay, it is because the ghosts and gods still appear in the dream in the dream. People who will kill the ghosts and gods in their dreams are generally brave, and they often feel justice.The direction of accurate will not be easily changed.The disadvantage is lazy!

Pregnant women dream of killing themselves

It indicates that the child will be born smoothly in the future, and the mother and child will be very safe, and this child will also be your noble man, which will be very helpful to your financial road, which is conducive to the booming career in the future.

Pregnant women dream of killing themselves and seeing blood

It indicates that your mood will be very happy, and you will listen to music, take a walk, and read books at home on weekdays. You will be calm and you will not have other negative emotions.trillion.

Pregnant women dream of killing with a knife

It indicates that your recent mood will be changed, attach great importance to the education and development of babies in the future, but don’t love your baby too much, avoiding being unfavorable to your baby’s development.

Pregnant women dreamed that they were killed in other people’s homes

It indicates that the recent poor fortune is not good, and there will be enemies to come out to destroy. It is recommended that you pay more attention when going out. If you have to go out, you can accompany your relatives and friends to avoid being unfavorable to the baby in the belly.

Pregnant women dream of killing people in a lot of people

It indicates that your pressure is very strong and his temper is more irritable. Everything will feel very uncomfortable. It is recommended that you have a better mindset and take a walk to relieve your pressure.Avoid abortion.

Pregnant women dream of killing themselves in their own house

It indicates that the feelings are poor. Maybe because you are pregnant, you will appear around you. It is recommended that you take more careful and pay attention to it. At the same timeCommunicate with your husband’s feelings to enhance each other’s understanding.

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