Zhu Xiaowei kissed Chen Meng’s pregnancy affectionately?The stomach of the full moon is like a pelvis, and it is difficult to distinguish the true and false faces.

After Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Meng got married, a large number of Zhu Xiaowei’s wife Chen Meng emerged. The profile and video copywriting of the account were blurred.The real Chen Meng, but after the AI face -changing technology, the fake Chen Meng, only the real Chen Meng with Zhu Xiaowei.

Recently, a netizen who claimed to be Mengmeng showed a photo of Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Meng. Under the dim light in the photo, it can still be seen that this is Zhu Xiaowei’s side face. Zhu Xiaowei squatted on the ground lips and attached to the pregnant belly.Holding his eyes with your eyes tightly holding the pregnant belly, his expression was very affectionate.

The people in front of them look like Chen Meng, and the two still have no news of breaking up in the relationship, but Chen Meng’s pregnant belly is as big as a ball.It’s like it’s going to be a pelvis.

Anyone who has experience knows that during the 5-6 months of pregnancy, the pregnancy belly will be as large as the watermelon. By 7-8 months, it is already inconvenient to move.Chen Meng’s photo is obviously larger than watermelon. If it is a baby, it takes at least 8 or 9 months to have such a large pregnant belly. Isn’t it just going to the pot?

However, if Chen Menghuai is really twins, the pregnant belly will naturally be larger, and the time will be extended. It will be about 7-8 months. If Chen Mengzhen has been pregnant for more than 7 months, then engagement in May in MayWhen Chen Meng was pregnant for at least 3 months, the fetus had not developed more than the pelvis 3 months ago, and she could not see the pregnant belly.

Although the time can be stuck, this is still not sure that it is Chen Meng himself, because it is just a photo, there are no other photos and videos, and the video is the side face of the two.It is just that ordinary people who are like Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Meng may be might. Besides, the current technology is so developed. Such unclear photos are not impossible to achieve face -to -face changes.

If there is really no greasy cat, since the coat brother is not hidden even when he is engaged, he should not conceal the happy event such as Chen Meng’s pregnancy to have children, and Chen Meng lives in Zhulou Village every day. The villagers always pay attention to the video of the family. Why is it?No video and photos flow out?And when Chen Meng took a driver’s license, there was no pregnant belly!Is the stomach swelled for a month?

Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the photos. It is likely to be a pseudo -map for traffic. Of course, this should not be too absolute. If Chen Meng really conceives twins and is about to be brought, then congratulations and blessings.From the recent photos of Zhu Xiaowei, he can see that he holds Chen Meng’s leather bag with a car key in one hand, and his face value and dressing are also a lot of spirit. The two couples have a good relationship, hoping that the two will always be happy.

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