Zhu Yuanzhang escaped the widow’s house, and the widow was afraid of pregnancy before leaving. Zhu Yuanzhang’s approach was admirable.

In the past 5,000 years in China, if you ask for the thousands of emperors in the feudal society, which one is the worst, it must be Zhu Yuanzhang.

Throughout the course of Zhu Yuanzhang’s struggle, it can be more than described by bumps?

However, in this troubled world, he just struggled from a little beggar to become the Supreme Supreme, and created the last Han Dynasty in China.

What is the first thing to do after asking the founding emperor?

That must be based on the principle of "one person, the whole family rises to the sky", and the family members and relatives are all named the royal family, so as to expand the foundation of rule.

In addition to these relatives who are also blocked, there are also women of Zhu Yuanzhang.

We all know that in Zhu Yuanzhang’s eyes, the most valued and most status woman is his wife -Queen Ma.

But even if Zhu Yuanzhang and Queen Ma are true love, in the feudal society where the male respect and women, as the emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang must not "have a life of a life in a lifetime".

Therefore, in addition to Queen Ma, Zhu Yuanzhang also has many rooms. These rooms also have the title of concubine after Zhu Yuanzhang became the emperor.

But with such a concubine, her experience is also a legend.

She and Zhu Yuanzhang’s encounter can be described as thrilling. As for her ending, it is really regrettable.

So who is she?After Zhu Yuanzhang left her, how did she find Zhu Yuanzhang who became the emperor?

If it is statistics from Zhu Yuanzhang’s harem concubine, it will really afford the adjective of "many beauties".

In the harem of Zhu Yuanzhang, there are more than 20 people with clear records and titles, and they have to be born. The concubines can be described as a variety of, and there are even many foreign women.

At the beginning of the establishment of many dynasties, there would be an act of imitating the former dynasty system. When Zhu Yuanzhang set up the harem, he also took the Yuan Dynasty as an example.

In addition to the queen of the Yuan Dynasty, no matter what the title and the name of the name, the other rooms were equal, as well as the harem at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty.

In addition to Queen Ma, the harem in the early Ming Dynasty was only the "concubine".

According to records, women who have obtained the status of "concubine" can be divided into these categories.

The first is the daughter and sister of the noble hero.

The father of Li Shufei, Guo Ningfei, Sun Guifei and others are the heroes who have followed Zhu Yuanzhang for many years and have made a contribution.

The reason for Zhu Yuanzhang to marry them is also very simple, to stabilize the loyalty of the subordinates, but also to deepen the relationship between the monarch and minister.

The second is the woman who grabbed from other rulers.

Zhu Yuanzhang could be described as Rong Ma’s life, and the uprising army at the time was not just his way.

Therefore, the enemy in the struggle of Zhu Yuanzhang is not only the Mongolian rulers, but also other uprising forces who conflict with his interests.

When he led the army to conquer the leaders of these insurgents, the women they had naturally let Zhu Yuanzhang dispose of it.

Generally, these women will be used as loot for other meritors, but there are also outstanding people who will be seen by Zhu Yuanzhang and become his room.

If there are children who have been robbed, if they have children, they will also get the title of concubine after Zhu Yuanzhang ascended the throne.

The third is the concubine who was born in a foreign country.

The territory of the Yuan Dynasty is vast, so the races contained in are also colorful.

At the same time, a subsidiary country like Goryeo and the tradition of presented "tribute girls" from the Yuan Dynasty’s court, which greatly strengthened the diversity of ethnicity of the court of the Yuan Dynasty.

After Zhu Yuanzhang became the emperor, although the Mongolian nobles basically ran to the north, there were still a considerable part of the Mongolian women and Korean women who lived in the court nowhere.

As a result, Zhu Yuanzhang, as the new rulers, naturally became the owner of these women.

Like Shuo Fei, Han Fei, and Weng Fei are the Korean and Mongolians, respectively. Among them, Han Fei gave birth to a mixed -race princess of Zhu Yuanzhang, and Shuo Fei was suspected to be Zhu Xi’s real biological mother.

Although Zhu Yuanzhang’s harem has different origin, our protagonist Guo’s today is still inferior to them.

The acquaintance of Guo and Zhu Yuanzhang must be traced on Zhu Yuanzhang’s early struggle journey.

At that time, Zhu Yuanzhang rely on Guo Zixing’s door and became his deputy general.

Zhu Yuanzhang, who has a certain status, naturally became the opponents that Mongolian rulers were very concerned about.

In a war with the Yuan Army, Zhu Yuanzhang was unfortunately seriously injured, and the Yuan Army chased him in order to suffer later.

In the end, Zhu Yuanzhang, who was dragged with pain, fled to a local family. There was only one population of this family, which was Guo as a widow.

Although Guo saw that Zhu Yuanzhang, who was full of injuries, was scared, he still dragged him into his home, helped him clean the wound with water, and fed a few food in the family to Zhu Yuanzhang.

The Yuan army did not find Zhu Yuanzhang’s trace, so Zhu Yuanzhang temporarily lived in Guo’s house with peace of mind. This living was two months.

In the past two months, Guo has been taking care of Zhu Yuanzhang in meticulously. Zhu Yuanzhang was also moved by the gentle and virtuous woman. In the end, the two had a husband and wife.

However, after all, Zhu Yuanzhang was still Guo Zixing’s deputy general, and there was a farther difficult journey waiting for him to conquer.

Therefore, whether it is Guo or Zhu Yuanzhang, I know that this is just a dew.

After two months, Zhu Yuanzhang’s wound had healed, and when he had to leave Guo.

Although Guo’s departure from Zhu Yuanzhang, she also knew that she was unable to keep it. Such a man with the aspirations.

Therefore, Guo told Zhu Yuanzhang to say something, and then asked Zhu Yuanzhang, if he left after he left, he found out how to get pregnant.

After listening to it, Zhu Yuanzhang broke a comb that Guo’s combined comb.

Then he returned half to Guo’s, and the other half was pushed into his arms, and Guo could come to him in the future with this comb.

After that, everyone knew that Zhu Yuanzhang went north to the north until he occupied the Yuan Dynasty and drove the Mongolians and became the emperor himself.

A few days before Zhu Yuanzhang’s preparation of the clan ceremony, the eunuch suddenly came over and said that a woman named Guo came to Zhu Yuanzhang outside the palace door.

There are many women in Zhu Yuanzhang’s life, so his first reaction may be just a woman with Pingshui.

So let people pass her away and give some money.

But after a while, the eunuch came back and forth again, saying that the woman refused to leave.

And holding half a wooden comb, saying that the emperor would meet her.

Zhu Yuanzhang heard the "half of the wooden comb", and finally remembered the former life -saving benefactor, so he hurriedly let people take the Guo family into the palace and named it "Ning Fei".

With Guo’s entry into the palace, there was a half -big boy. This boy was the later King Lu Tan.

However, Guo Ningfei’s subsequent experience was really embarrassing.

Although she has the power of Jinyi Yu food and the concubine, her only son Zhu Tan died in his early 20s because he died of excessive taking medicine.

In the face of this son’s death, although Zhu Yuanzhang was very sad, he also felt that Zhu Tan’s death was damaged.

In the end, he gave him the less decent nickname "King Lu Desert". As for the ending of Guo Ningfei, there was no detailed record in history.

However, according to Zhu Yuanzhang’s order, let all the concubines be buried for him, and Guo Ningfei was likely to be buried according to his will after Zhu Yuanzhang’s death.

After all, in Zhu Yuanzhang’s harem, Zhu Yuanzhang’s only concubine was Zhang’s biological mother Zhang’s.

As for the reason for pardon, it is also very simple. That is, the young daughter cannot lose the care of her mother, so it is exempted from death.

But Guo Ningfei was not pardoned, so the probability was to go with Zhu Yuanzhang.

Guo Ningfei’s life was really embarrassing. She got the status of the princess as a life -saving benefactor, but in the end, she died because of a order of Zhu Yuanzhang.

What Zhu Yuanzhang did not forget the kindness of kindness was really admirable, but even if there was this kind of kindness, Zhu Yuanzhang still chose to let Guo’s burial.

This also represents the rulers of the emperor in the feudal society, but it is just a private property.

Whether it is Ronghua’s wealth or life and death, it is between the ruler’s thoughts.

If Guo Ningfei was able to return to the moment she met Zhu Yuanzhang, maybe even if she chose to ignore it, and then lived her life calmly as a widow, and she was unwilling to experience the pain of middle -aged bereavement and her old age.

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