Zibo barbecue, how is it now?

Zibo, which once created the myth of traffic, has been used to drive the entire city’s tourism with special barbecue, has it been forgotten after nearly 3 months?

According to many media reports, before and after the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, many netizens said that eating barbecue in Zibo no longer needed long dragons.Related data shows that the search index of "Zibo Barbecue" keywords reached the first small peak on April 9, reaching 2.4767 million, and reached a peak of 110.79 million on April 29th.However, after the May Day holiday, the value showed a downward trend.By June 30, the value was only 109,100.

A staff member of the Eighth Cultural Market in Zibo, Shandong said that according to the situation he learned, compared with the particularly hot period, the current traffic in the eighth market has indeed decreased.

How to "heated"?In this regard, a staff member of the Zibo Cultural Tourism Bureau told reporters that "As the Cultural Tourism Bureau, it will focus on the next step to focus on the better cultural tourism resources in Zibo City, launch some related cultural tourism activities to attract tourists and retain tourists."

Local barbecue restaurant owner:

Most of the closure are new stores that have been opened before

"If you sincerely want, the price can be low." A barbecue shop owner who is rented in Yonian District, Zhangdian District, Zibo City told the media that their annual rent is 120,000, the transfer fee is 150,000, and the price can be repeatedly stated that the price can be possible.Consultation.

It is understood that the indoor area of the barbecue restaurant is 200 square meters and an outdoor area of 200 square meters. It can accommodate 60 or 70 tables.According to the owner, the barbecue restaurant will only open in April this year. The decoration equipment is brand new, and it can be directly operated by taking over.

Mr. Geng, the owner of a barbecue restaurant in Zhangdian District, also mentioned, "Compared to the hot period, it does decline, but it is not completely there."

According to the boss, because the barbecue restaurant is located near the eight major situations of the "Internet celebrity" punch place. From mid -March to May this year, the shop ushered in an unprecedented passenger flow: "Especially during the" May Day "period, come to lunchPeople have to line up at 89 in the morning, and those who come to dinner have to start queuing at 4 or five in the afternoon. "

What is the situation today?Mr. Geng gave a set of data. Compared with the peak of the "May 1st" flow, the average daily reception volume of the store working days has dropped by about 30 %.

As for a large number of barbecue restaurants that netizens are concerned about, Mr. Geng said: "At least I haven’t noticed that there are many shops in the surrounding shops, but I think most of the new shops are open.Guests accumulate, so it is difficult to operate. "

Tianyancha shows that from March to June, Zibo’s newly opened barbecue restaurants have exceeded 450.However, in recent times, according to the information on the same city, hundreds of barbecue shops have appeared in Zibo local, most of which indicate that the transfer fee ranges from more than 100,000 to 3.5 million.

At the same time, multiple hotel reservations show that the popularity of hotels in various districts in Zibo recently has declined compared with the May Day period.Most houses can still be booked on July 6.A homestay operator in Zhangdian District responded: "The number of people in the recent booking room has indeed decreased compared to the hottest period of April and May.

Is the tourist boom retreating?

Local Cultural Travel Service: There are still many passenger flow in the city center

Regarding whether the Zibo tourism boom discussed by netizens is ending, the reporter called the Zibo Cultural Tourism Bureau. One of the staff members responded: "As far as I feel, the popularity is still very high."

The staff member said that, especially on weekends, the flow of the eight major situations of the online celebrity punching in the country is still abundant: "Recently, we will still receive tourists that the situation of not being able to order in the hotel room."

How will Zibo respond to "Zibo’s heat than the top flow period"?The above -mentioned staff of the Zibo Literature and Travel Bureau responded to the reporter: "We are also brewing new publicity activities, such as calligraphy and painting activities, and now various relevant departments are also introducing relevant policies and methods to help Zibo."

On March 31, 2023, Zibo, Shandong, has no seats in a barbecue restaurant, diners queue up to enjoy food

In this regard, the reporter also learned from the introduction of a staff member of the eight major situation that in addition to barbecue, the cultural market is also promoting calligraphy and painting activities: "We are responsible for providing good venues. At presentThe family came to Zibo spontaneously, and sold the landscape paintings and figure paintings in my hands here. "

The eighth cultural market staff said that according to the situation he learned, compared with the very hot period, the current traffic of the eight major markets has indeed decreased, but in his opinion, this is a normal phenomenon: "The heat will definitely be inIt goes on to a certain extent, but now it is more than ten times more than that of Zibo’s attention. "

At the same time, another staff member of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau also told reporters that "As a cultural tourism bureau, the next step will be recommended in Zibo’s better cultural tourism resources, launching some related cultural tourism activities to attract tourists and retain tourists."

Expert: asserting that Zibo barbecue "cold" is early

Yang Jinsong, director of the International Research Institute of the China Tourism Research Institute, wrote that the phenomenon of Zibo barbecue is out of circle, including the general attention of its cool and hot, and puts a series of questions that should be answered and must be answered.

For example, how to be the life cycle of long tourism destinations, create a second growth curve, stabilize and enlarge the basic disk, and realize the sustainable development of tourist destinations?For another example, how to turn traffic into "retention" after quickly becoming popular, turn the Internet celebrity into permanent red, and build a city that is nearly happy?Zibo is exploring these questions, as well as other cities.

Yang Jinsong said that of course, there may not be a certain answer in the short term.The public may wish to understand and tolerate more, and give these cities to explore the time to pursue "stable happiness".

Wang Xiaoyu, a special expert of the World Tourism City Federation, told the media that the supply side of the tourism market requires two aspects to improve: the continuous improvement of public service levels, and the differentiated creation of tourism products, attractive reshaping and continuous optimization.The tourists want to come again."Obviously, Zibo only did the former." He said.

Wang Xiaoyu believes that in the future, the development of theme leisure tourism products should be differentiated for the subdivided groups and markets. On the basis of satisfying a more single functional product, try to enrich themes and detailed experience of leisure tourism products, so that Zibo will follow fromPickup and transit tourism spots have gradually transformed into one -stop leisure tourist destinations, enhance the overall tourism experience, and extend the consumption cycle and the average unit price of tourists.

Source: CCTV

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